Our history

Our history

Our journey started in 1979 when Eleanor Homecare was set up by a husband and wife team (we’re named after our original founder, a nurse called Eleanor Josephine Haire). From humble beginnings (staff consisted of the founders and just a few ex nurses…) the company soon thrived.

Our CEO Marc Santhi was first introduced to Eleanor over a decade ago. Although the business was by then well established, Eleanor’s husband became unwell and was unable to fully concentrate on the business. At a mutual friend’s request, Marc stepped in to handle the company’s financial affairs. Although this was meant to be a short term plan, the owner’s deteriorating ill health meant both owners asked him to consider taking over the business full time.

Marc agreed, although he freely admits the early days of owning this small home care business were a steep learning curve! But, after a while, he started getting to grips with the challenges and complexity of running a care business and soon became hooked.

Seeing Eleanor’s business potential and using skills gleamed from his own City accountancy background, he gathered the funds needed to further invest in Eleanor. Soon the workforce expanded, in line with Eleanor’s enhanced presence and reputation.

Today Eleanor is one of the biggest employers in the borough of Lewisham and we are also the lead provider in Greenwich and have branches in other London boroughs as well as in Poole & Bournemouth. We have also moved into the care home sector, delivering care to people with learning disabilities and the elderly.

In the last decade we’ve expanded into other sectors running successful Hospital Logistics and Patient Transport businesses (as part of the Eleanor family). Both of these businesses have experienced directors at their helm, with Graham Walsh heading up Hospital Logistics and David Mason in charge of Patient Transport.

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