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About us in the beginning

Back in 1979, Eleanor Healthcare was started by a married couple in London, with the company name being after the wife, a nurse called Eleanor Josephine Haire. The couple worked hard to grow the business, but as Eleanor’s husband became unwell, she knew she could no longer focus as much time on the business.

At the request of a mutual friend, Marc Santhiapillai was asked to handle the financial affairs of the business to take some of the pressure off Eleanor. Although this was initially a short-term plan, Marc was asked if he would consider taking over the business full time by the owners, as their health was sadly deteriorating.

Using his city accountancy knowledge and seeing the potential in the business, Marc gathered the funds he needed to invest in Eleanor and today, he is the CEO of a business that has grown substantially over the years into the Eleanor Healthcare Group.

Who we are today

Since our humble beginning in 1979, we have developed extensive experience and knowledge across all areas of the healthcare sector.

Today we are a large, independent provider of a wide range of care services including home care, residential care homes and day centres. We support individuals of all ages with varying levels of need for support.

Our consistent high standards of care are delivered by a compassionate and dedicated team of people. Our staff are always encouraged and supported to expand their skills with a catalogue of course options available at our dedicated training facility in Lewisham.

We work in both the public and private sectors to deliver care to our service-users nationwide.

In addition, over the last decade our portfolio has expanded, with growing business in both the Hospital Logistics and Patient Transport markets. This development has seen us become the Eleanor Healthcare Group today.

It's our 40th anniversary

In 2019 we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. We are so proud to have reached this milestone and can't wait to celebrate with our dedicated staff and service-users.

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