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Giving back to local communities

Here at Eleanor Healthcare Group, we understand the importance of giving back to local communities and the social value of the work that we do. We pride ourselves on working alongside others to create additional social, economic and environmental benefits.

We are passionate about adding value, that is often greater than any monetary value, to people’s lives and living environments. This ongoing project has already seen us create positive partnerships and joint ventures with:

- Social enterprises
- Voluntary organisations
- Community groups
- Registered charities
- Local and same-sector businesses

We are striving to increase the number of stakeholders we currently work with and should you wish to discuss a partnership opportunity with us, please get in touch.

So far, so good

Our social enterprises run from our Smerdon day centre. Use the following links to find out more:

Dream Cards
Dream Gardening
Dream Media
Photo Booth

Many of the stories you read in our news section are about initiatives we have put in place or fundraising that has been done nationwide by our staff. No matter how big, or how small, we encourage everyone in our organisation to get involved in “giving back”.