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Lack of deep sleep could lead to Alzheimer’s disease - January 5, 2016

A good night’s rest might help stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease according to new research, which suggests there could be a link between a person’s sleeping patterns and their vulnerability…
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Mum’s courage following Parkinson’s diagnosis - December 22, 2015

Teaching assistant Leah Forster was just 42 when she was given the devastating news that she had Parkinson’s Disease. She received the diagnosis last year after noticing a weakness down the left side…
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Daughter leaps into action after mother’s stroke - December 15, 2015

A woman with a rare genetic condition has been praised for raising the alarm after her mother suffered a mini stroke earlier this month.

If you hold negative views on old people, you are more prone to dementia symptoms - December 8, 2015

People who think that the elderly are irritable, forgetful or slow to learn are more likely to acquire the physical signs of Alzheimer’s disease, according to brain scans.

Dementia discovery could pave way for new treatments - December 1, 2015

A so-called super protein which can prevent the development of breast cancer may also have a role to play in ongoing efforts to improve dementia treatment.

Bilingual stroke patients have better chances of recovering their normal cognitive functions - November 24, 2015

People who speak more than one language are twice as likely to recover their cognitive functions after a stroke compared to those who speak only one language, according to new research.

Alzheimer’s drug that shows anti-ageing effects - November 17, 2015

An elixir of youth may be on the horizon after an experimental Alzheimer’s drug had a surprise side-effect of making old mice ‘young’.

Charities for the elderly inundated with offers of help following John Lewis Christmas advert - November 10, 2015

A man who lives on the moon is the central character of this year’s Christmas advert from John Lewis, which aims to raise awareness of the issue of loneliness among older people.

Computer brain games ‘stave off mental decline’ - November 3, 2015

Playing online games that exercise reasoning and memory skills could have major benefits for older people, a wide-scale study has found.

Hay fever and asthma drug could be the key to new Alzheimer’s cure - October 27, 2015

A commonly prescribed drug, which is used in the treatment of asthma and various allergies, has been found to stop the deterioration of brain cells in rats, meaning that it could be used in the fight against…
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