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Sleeping on your side could ward off Alzheimer’s - August 11, 2015

Sleeping on one’s side, as opposed to on the back or stomach, may more effectively remove brain waste, reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases,…
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Coffee intake could be linked to likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s disease - August 4, 2015

A recent scientific study has indicated that drinking one cup of coffee each day could help reduce an individual’s chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Controversial drug used to treat strokes is “safe” - July 28, 2015

A clot-busting drug used to treat stroke patients has been deemed “safe and effective” by scientists who were asked to carry out an independent review.

Have scientists found a drug to stop Alzheimer’s? - July 21, 2015

The first drug that can halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease if caught early is expected to be unveiled tomorrow.

Second-hand smoke can increase risk of strokes and lung disease - July 14, 2015

Passive smoking can increase the risk of suffering a stroke by 30 per cent, according to new research. Led by Doctor Angela Malek, of the Medical University of South Carolina, researchers analysed data…
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Why living by a busy road could increase your chances of having a stroke - July 7, 2015

Living next to a noisy road can increase the risk of strokes, a new medical study has suggested.

GP receptionists need to be trained to recognise the signs of a stroke - June 30, 2015

Nearly a third of receptionists at GP surgeries failed to direct patients with symptoms of a stroke for immediate help, a study of 52 general practices has revealed. The research, from Oxford University,…
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Alzheimer’s risk may be predicted by blood protein - June 23, 2015

A simple blood test could be developed to predict Alzheimer’s disease up to a decade before symptoms appear, scientists claim. Researchers in the UK have studied data from more than 100 sets of identical…
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Eating chocolate every day ‘cuts stroke risk’ - June 16, 2015

It is considered one of life’s guilty pleasures – but that could be about to change. Scientists have found that eating up to 100g of chocolate every day will help to lower the risk of heart disease…
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Could a good night’s sleep help prevent Alzheimer’s? - June 9, 2015

Poor sleep – particularly a lack of deep, restorative slumber – could be linked to the build-up in the brain of the toxin proteins thought to trigger Alzheimer’s.


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