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Stem cell injection trial made massive improvements to patients’ lives - June 14, 2016

Stroke patients who had mobility issues, including some who couldn’t walk, have had their symptoms reversed in a medical breakthrough.

Taking an aspirin after a mini stroke “substantially reduces the risk” of a major stroke - May 24, 2016

A team of researchers has urged a change to medical advice after they found taking aspirin following a mini stroke could significantly reduce the risk of a more serious attack.

Loneliness could lead to strokes and heart disease, according to new study - April 26, 2016

Being lonely and socially isolated can increase a person’s risk of heart disease or stroke, a new study suggests.

Newly-discovered set of genes responsible for strokes and dementia - April 12, 2016

Researchers have discovered a gene linked to the risk of strokes that could lead to a better understanding of the condition and how to prevent and treat it.

Number of strokes increase as pollution levels rise - February 23, 2016

Air pollution pumped out from the exhausts of diesel vehicles may be responsible for thousands of extra deaths from strokes each year.

Skipping breakfast may increase stroke risk - January 26, 2016

Skipping breakfast could increase the risk of a stroke, according to research.

Daughter leaps into action after mother’s stroke - December 15, 2015

A woman with a rare genetic condition has been praised for raising the alarm after her mother suffered a mini stroke earlier this month.

Bilingual stroke patients have better chances of recovering their normal cognitive functions - November 24, 2015

People who speak more than one language are twice as likely to recover their cognitive functions after a stroke compared to those who speak only one language, according to new research.

Long working hours can cause strokes - August 25, 2015

The likely toll of long working hours is revealed in a new study which shows that employees still at their desks into the evening run an increased risk of stroke – and the longer the hours they put in,…
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Controversial drug used to treat strokes is “safe” - July 28, 2015

A clot-busting drug used to treat stroke patients has been deemed “safe and effective” by scientists who were asked to carry out an independent review.


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