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Our Hospital Purchase Order Tracking System

Before we can install a new parcel and hospital purchase order tracking system, Eleanor will first redesign the Hospital Goods In Store and create clear inbound and delivery process flows. On completion of the hospital Goods In Store redesign, we will commence the set up each hospital department into very specific geographical delivery area zones.

The process of zoning each area will ensure our staff are both productive and delivering each zones orders in the fewest deliveries. Hospital zoning avoids staff cross over and unproductive time. Each parcel and hospital purchase order is time and date stamped ‘on arrival’, ‘when checked’, ‘when entered into a cage’, ‘when our team collected the parcel from our stores’ and ‘when each order was delivered’. Each member of the Eleanor team carries smartphones to capture ‘sign on glass’ electronic signatures.

To talk to a member of the Hospital Logistics team, call 0203 978 0574 or contact us here