New pilot projects for Lewisham

Lewisham manager Maureen Santhiapillai is overseeing two new pilot projects – Night owls and the Dementia pilot – with referrals coming from Lewisham hospital for both.

Night Owls aims to provide consistency of care during the night to a service user deemed well enough to free up a hospital bed, but still requiring some care.

Two carers work each 10 hour shift and are on hand whenever the service users needs them.
This project is due to end shortly, but there are hopes it will continue.

The Dementia pilot supports a service user with dementia with 10 days of 24-hour care by two carers upon hospital discharge. This acts as a vital buffer, so long-term care assessments and arrangements can be organised. The aim of both schemes is to support vulnerable service users and free up hospital beds.

Maureen said: ‘We feel honoured that Lewisham hospital has chosen to partner with Eleanor Care (Lewisham). These projects are working well and so we hope we can continue working with them to provide a high level of care to some of the most vulnerable service users in the Lewisham borough.’

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