Announcing our partnership with The Front Room Club

With an aging population in the UK, there are increasing risks of people experiencing social isolation.  Here at Eleanor, we recognise the need to support local initiatives and groups that help to reduce this risk. We’re pleased to announce that we will be offering our support to The Front Room Club in Downham, Lewisham.

The Front Room Club is a café style drop in for people experiencing or at risk of social isolation. The club is a place to meet people, access support and advice, develop social and practical skills and talk about mental health challenges. Everyone is welcome and members of the club are of various ages, also coming from a range of demographics and backgrounds.

Following several years of name changes and financial strain, Rev Nick Walsh relaunched The Front Room Club in January 2017. With a clear vision, new staff and the support of the local community, it wasn’t long before attendance figures increased significantly. Now, with the backing of partnerships like ours, the club opens three days a week and offers a wider range of activities and services.

Whilst the need for funding, referrals and volunteers is ongoing, here at Eleanor Healthcare we have committed to supporting the club in a variety of ways. This includes sending carers when required and delivering training courses to staff who may need further understanding of the signs of social isolation and how to assist people with overcoming their struggles. We will also be arranging transport to the club and Sunday services for individuals that may be less mobile or unable to access public transport.

We are especially excited about sponsoring an additional day to enable the club to run a brand-new art class. This will sit alongside cookery classes, music lessons, lunch club, film club and so much more.

To find out more about the full schedule of activities and events,