Charlie the Go Kart has his first race in RHDC Championship

Late last year, we introduced a partnership we are very excited about. Today, we are thrilled to be able to provide further details about our partnership with Charlie the Go Kart Driver.

Charlie is 8 years old and over the past year, has showed some incredible talent and resilience on the Go-Kart track. Catching our eyes at Eleanor Healthcare Group, we decided it was the right decision to sponsor an individual who we believe is the next big thing in racing.

That is exactly what we did! And now if you manage to spot or catch a glimpse of Charlie as he zooms around the track or stands proudly on the podium, you will be able to see our brand logo in all its glory on his racing uniform.

Charlie has his first race in the RHDC Championship (1st championship) today for junior boys at Rye House in Essex today. We wish him the best of luck and we promise to keep you all updated with the race results.

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