Langton Way: our latest project

Langton Way is a new project Eleanor embarked upon in April after a successful bid in the council’s tender process. 

Working closely with the Greenwich hospital discharge team and social services,  Eleanor offers a range of  personalised services and assistance. 

Eleanor has opened up with 10 bids at Langton Way,  with a manager & 3 care workers providing personal care & light domestic care to its residents. 

Eleanor are also supporting the local authority with streamlining their services in order to prevent a pile-up of those individuals who require care and the availability of  support they are able to provide. 

As part of the services we provide at Langton Way, Eleanor provides both support and domestic services for those clients who require a ‘blitz cleaning’ while they are away from their homes. 

Furthermore, clients who are seeking accommodation and are referred to Langton Way by the local council. For the duration of their stay are able to access to Eleanor’s care support if required.