More information on Charlie

Charlie started his go-karting journey at 6 years old, joining the Bambino go-kart club in 2018. Racing all year round, Charlie improved his driving ability alongside his confidence and completed Bambino club at the end of 2019 at Buckmore Park.

In his final Bambino race, Charlie placed as a runner up in a ‘star pupil’ event that was judged by a professional racing car driver, Toby Trice. Since then, Charlie has now entered into his 1st RHDC championship hosted at Rye House.

Charlie is a proud owner of his own go-kart and is also sponsored by Eleanor Nursing and Social care. As a result, you may have noticed that Charlie’s racing suit carries the Eleanor Logo on his chest and both arms, with his go-kart to follow.Outside of the track, Charlie and his team of mum and dad plan to set up a charity event to raise money for various causes.

Overall, Charlie’s confidence continues to grow on and off the track, by doing what he loves to do most. As cited by his mother ‘Where his mind is focused, goals are being and continuing his journey the way he plans.’