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At Eleanor Home Care, we understand that each person we support has their own unique needs, wishes, interests and aspirations. We also recognise that that these may change over time.

Choose Cycling

Our mission to promote cycling around Lewisham is progressing better than any of us could have hoped.

Eleanor’s mission to promote cycling around Lewisham is progressing better than any of us could have hoped. Our new green commuting initiative introduced as one of its features the provision of a free bicycle to any carer who would like one – for use both at work and in their free time. The bikes have been acquired from fellow local business Compton Cycles, who we chose due to our shared passion for serving the residents of Lewisham.

The revolutionary initiative does not only have huge environmental benefits, but will also help to improve the health of our carers and their families, will reduce traffic congestion around Lewisham, and will increase the efficiency of our care service by reducing travel times.

Of course, the safety of our carers is of paramount importance to us, and we are well aware of the dangers of cycling amongst the busy traffic of London. That is why we have provided our carers with a free cycle safety course run by Cycle Confident. Our hope is that this valuable training will help to keep our carers safe on the road.

We are thrilled to report that Lewisham-based carer John Jatto has already undertaken training with Cycle Confident, and we hope that other carers will follow his lead and take advantage of this generous scheme.

To ensure that cycling continues to become a more popular choice, we now have free local cycle guides available upon request. Each booklet, produced by TfL, contains information on cycle routes, quiet alternative roads, and cycle parking stations across the boroughs of Lewisham, Bexley, and Bromley. Please do not hesitate to ask for one if you a keen cyclist, or are looking to take it up. If you are considering it, we encourage you to give it a go!


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