Staff Resource & Task Management

Staff Resource & Task Management

Our Eleanor Management team has 24-hour access to our ‘CARE’ system within our online e-logistics dashboard. This system and smartphone system technology issued to our staff resources enable Eleanor to monitor all of our service tasks, the time, date and duration of each task completed, stock accuracy and workplace performance of our staff resources.

Eleanor will first define all the workplace service tasks/jobs we are required to do on behalf of the Trust and set these up in the system. Eleanor will define which tasks are required for each individual department as these may vary. Each task will be set up with dates and times on when they should be completed and the duration of time it should take to complete. Example of hospital ward tasks include; hospital ward scanning, restocking, expiry checks, empty bin locations reviews and housekeeping to name a few.

If your hospital would like to view our Materials Management systems, or consider a free trial, we would be delighted to meet with you. For further information, simply fill out the e-form below or contact us direct using the contact information provided.

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