Our services

Our services

We cover an average of around 40,000 journeys per annum, encompassing both short and long distances at short and pre-book notice.
Our journeys usually entail transporting patients on return journeys to and from care centres and hospital as well as trips between hospitals, but we can also provide transport for family visits, as well as patients attending social events (or trips to and from airports).
We also enable transportation for people of all mobilities to attend and take part in special and challenging times such as weddings, family occasions and funerals, etc (see Private ambulance support for further details).
Additionally, we also support other sectors within the Eleanor Healthcare Group taking clients on days out and providing transport support for those with mobility needs.

Our clients

We have private as well as NHS clients. Our journeys include transportation to hospitals, day care centres, councils and embassies throughout the UK.

We also carry out crucial ambulance transport and patient repat journeys from America, Switzerland, Germany/ Europe and travel across the UK as well as a concentrated coverage / area throughout London.

Eleanor ensures that complex movements and transfers too and from other countries are micro managed taking care of, patient safety and comfort, specialist support airside boarding and arrivals, documentation and at the same time minimising risk to both patient, family and escorts.

We have achieved tremendous growth in just a few years and pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service, which is regularly audited both internally and externally (by the CQC regulators and our clients).

Our availability

Our control and planning team are on call 24/7, 365 days a year and our team of 40 drivers works tirelessly to ensure a seamless delivery of service covering days, nights as well as weekends.

We are normally able to resource and mobilise all vehicles (including specialist ambulance transport) within just one hour of initial contact. It is rare that we decline a request and the fact our service is valued is evidenced by the fact many of our clients are repeat customers and ask for specific drivers by name. We also receive around 20 to 30 compliments per month. Please ask our office staff if you want to see this file.

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