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CQC – “A great system to enhance patient safety”

Graham Walsh

Eleanor introduced a new online ‘value add’ hospital tracking system called HOSLO. Our bespoke system is the first of its kind in any UK hospital and was designed to monitor the movement in real-time of all hospital orders from goods in stores to the hospital ward, adding a layer of extra security and patient safety to know the precise location of every fluid carton and order in real-time.

The Royal Brompton & Harefield is now the first UK Hospital with a system providing 11 stages of ‘live’ date and time tracking from goods in-store to ‘proof of delivery signature’ and confirmation on when the order was placed in the hospital ward store and by which member of staff.

Due to the success of this new system, Eleanor met with CQC Strategy & Intelligence, where our system was warmly received for its patient and product safety benefits and our user-friendly online tracking tool allowing end-users to track their pharmacy fluid and med surgical purchase orders in real-time from goods in-store to ‘proof of delivery signature’, onto the hospital ward store shelf, and by which member of staff.

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