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About Us

Caring since 1979

Eleanor Healthcare was founded in 1979 and since then, we have developed extensive experience and knowledge in the healthcare sector

About us
in the beginning

We are a large, independent provider of a wide range of care services including home care, residential care homes, supported living facilities and day centres. We support individuals of all ages with varying levels of need for support. We work in both the public and private sectors to deliver care to our service-users nationwide. In addition, over the last decade our portfolio has expanded, with growing business in both the hospital logistics and patient transport markets. This development has seen us become the Eleanor Healthcare Group today.

Our continued growth makes us one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers

So why Eleanor? Our person-centered approach and dedication to continuity of care means we do not only meet the required standards, we focus on surpassing them.

There are many different care providers offering a varied range of services, so we know it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

What makes us different

We know that exceptional care can make a difference to people’s lives and our expanding network of branches, care homes and day centres allows us to deliver the high level of personalised, expert care that you, or a loved one, truly deserves.

Our consistent, high quality care and support is delivered by a compassionate and dedicated team of people. You can rest assured that our employees have all gone through a thorough interview, referencing, DBS and induction training process. We understand the quality of our staff and their continued development is crucial to the quality of service we deliver. We support our teams, across all departments, to enhance their skills, gain further qualifications and continue learning to ensure the services we offer, are delivered to the highest possible standard. So much so, we now have our own dedicated training facility in Lewisham.

Our Awards & Recognitions

Our Mission Statement is our pledge to you

'Eleanor aims to set the standard in the care sector by delivering exceptional quality care with a team who have a real passion for delivering client-focused care with dignity and respect, which is valued by our clients and admired by all stakeholders'.

Our commitment to you

  • We will be available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • We will regularly check and monitor the service you are receiving to ensure that we are working to the highest possible standards.
  • We will continually aim to exceed the high standards of care practice set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • We will ensure that you are able to make real choices and have control over your person-centred care plan.
  • We will respect and take seriously your views and opinions about the services you require.
  • We will ensure that our support workers and office staff are courteous, professional and respectful to your needs at all times.
  • We regularly monitor the performance of our support workers and office staff by carrying out telephone surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires and random assessments.
  • We deal with any issues or concerns raised quickly, sympathetically and professionally, with the least disruption to you.

Latest News

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Marie wakes up and starts her day at 6 AM as she prepares for her first call at 7: 30 AM. Before setting off, Marie makes sure that everything is in place for her own kids once they awake for school

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Carers trained to use Makaton

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Carers at our Lewisham branch have been given training in the use of Makaton, a simplified form of communication commonly used by people with learning disabilities or limited verbal communication.

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