Langton Way

Langton Way Greenwich Council NHS stepdown facility

Langton Way began in April as an Eleanor initiative to provide domestic care and support on behalf of the Greenwich Council. What started with just 10 beds, a manager and 3 staff, has evolved into a lifesaver for the NHS during COVID-19 Crisis.


With the hospitals nearly full, few beds are available in the country in which patients can recuperate. The situation is so dire and urgent that the NHS is using even hotels as stepdown wards.

This, however, only partially solves the problem. NHS resources are still tied up in providing care for these patients.

This when Eleanor stepped up to do its part.


Today, under the auspices of the Greenwich Council, Eleanor Langton Way works as the stepdown ward for Queen Elizabeth, Eltham Community and Lewisham Hospitals.

Our bespoke facility provides an ideal space for patients to recuperate before they are fully discharged and can return home. But beyond just providing a space, Eleanor relieves the pressure on NHS to provide care. Our in-house carers can provide the full spectrum of services, from basic help to complex 24-hours care.

Eleanor is pioneering this stepdown facility as a service model. We can quickly replicate Langton Way-like services across the country and scale up or down according to the requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to provide rapid responses, often within less than an hour, so that councils and hospitals can swiftly decide their course of action.


Our carers have always been at the forefront of our pandemic response. We now operate at a comfortable staff ratio of 2 for every 1 to 5 service users.

We intend to scale up as the number of patients increase, which is expected to rise up to 40 [90% of our capacity]. All our carers are fully trained in the use of PPE and have unlimited access to them.

At the moment, they work round the clock to provide both simple and specialized care to over 26 COVID and non-COVID patients.


To protect against infection, we operate a strict zonal system, with the green zone for non-COVID patients and red zone for COVID patients.

We also administer Lateral Flow Test [LFT] every day to both the service users and staff. Each of the 46 flats at Langton Way has 2 bedrooms, kitchens, and access to gardens. We encourage the service users to use the garden spaces and keep the rooms ventilated where it is safe and possible to do so.

We stringently follow all the Care Quality Commission [CQC] regulations as well as infection control measures advised by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC].


Our service users stay in Langton Way anywhere between 3 days to half a year, with caring needs varying between 4 visits/week to 24 hours a day.

Such changing timelines and priorities bring upon us immense strain, but in this time of crisis, we strive to be uniformly accommodative to all our service user needs. Some of our occupants have grown so fond of the quality of our care as to wish to never leave Langton Way!

Here’s what some of them said:

What people say about us


To: All the Langton Way gang
Thank you all for looking after Mum so well. Special thanks to Doctor Tee and Jane for being so helpful and helping with all the problems!! (so many!). Your a great gang.
Much love and Thanks!

- Sue & Jeanie


Hartley House Residential Home happy resident with carer

What people say about us


To: ALL the staff
Thanks for all you done for me and miss you all but I cam doing good! I been out shopping and walking better each day.
Love you all!

- Leonard D.


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