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Eleanor: The Road Less Travelled

Marc Santhi

Chief Executive Officer

One afternoon in 2005, I received a call from a woman named Eleanor. Discernibly concerned, she explained how her beloved nursing agency, a business on which so many people relied, was in imminent danger of foreclosure. She was seeking my help to rescue it. We agreed to meet. That meeting changed my life.

I began my career as an accountant and soon became one of the youngest finance directors in the city of London, working on mergers and acquisitions for one of the largest advertising companies in the world. On the surface I had reached the top of my profession and tasted success. But underneath it felt empty. I knew I had to serve my community to achieve true satisfaction. To this end, I left my financially rewarding career and took the risk of founding an accountancy practice and business consultancy in Lewisham. My aim was to use the skills I had gained to help local start-ups and small businesses; guiding them to create sustainable futures, while convincing them they could be both financially transparent and profitable.

It was as this venture took off that I received the call from Eleanor. She explained how she had been struggling to keep her business afloat for 26 years and was tired of struggling. I agreed to take over the business. Resources were being drained by heavy losses, and the few remaining staff stood demoralised and ready to leave. It was a leap of faith.

That was fifteen years ago. Today, Eleanor Healthcare Group has diversified and transformed itself into a model business in the care industry. The Eleanor family is 1500 members strong, speaks 112 languages, and supports over 3000 clients. Our senior staff have a collective experience of over 100 years in health and social care. Our journey began as a struggle to survive but has become so much more. Guiding and participating in this growth has been a humbling and richly rewarding experience.

The wellspring of my inspiration has always been my team of staff, caregivers, and frontline keyworkers. They preserve the life and dignity of those most vulnerable in our community by ensuring that they have a safe environment, suitable clothing, and nutritious food. Every day, as I witness their unwavering commitment to caring, I am reminded that Eleanor is an organisation with people at its core. Through our collective efforts, we have engendered a paradigm shift in the care sector. Our driving principle has been the same from day one: social care is about people, not process.

In 2009, the idea of person-centric care was born. At the request of Richmond Council, I created a detailed plan of what it might look like. This document proved vital in convincing authorities and key stakeholders of what was possible. Eleanor led the transformation and began to offer tailor-made services to our clients. We collaborated with local authorities to deliver personalised services and pioneer an outcomes-based approach, which addressed the limitations of the historic time-based and task-based approaches.

Eleanor then led the way in preventive care through the integration of health and social care services. We worked in tandem with the district nursing team to upskill care workers, allowing nurses to focus on the specialised aspects of their role. We introduced a novel model of caring to Lewisham Council based on the famous Buurtzorg model. This model improved care quality and boosted work satisfaction, all while reducing care hours by 50%.

Our determination to transform the industry then led to the creation of the Eleanor Hospital Logistics team under Graham Walsh in 2013.  We now serve seven NHS Hospital trusts encompassing sixteen of the largest specialist hospitals in the country. Graham and our healthcare development team designed a bespoke materials management system that markedly increased productivity and reduced waste. Our solution allowed hospitals to track their resources from end to end, freeing them to focus on providing excellent care which we so highly treasure.

We take immense pride in the new North West London & Kingston Pharmacy Fluid Hospital Supply Chain Service.  This exciting new service is the first of its kind, providing fifteen London Hospitals with the latest GS1 Scan4Safety technology, offering end-to-end tracking from our off-site warehouse to each hospital ward and critical care department. Utilising our proprietary HOSLO system, the NHS will save millions of pounds in better materials management by minimising obsolescence; allowing money to be spent directly in front line care during these very challenging times.

At Eleanor we have never been afraid to change the rules of the game. This approach has had plenty of detractors but has proved instrumental in allowing us to continually redefine what is possible in the health and social care industry. Our incessant innovations have caught the eye of luminaries ranging from industry leaders to the Department for International Trade. As such, we have been able to share UK healthcare standards with partners around the world, including in China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

But this success is only the beginning. Our journey began with a leap of faith, and the Eleanor family are always ready to take another one together. Our trust in people above process is resolute and leaves us optimistic for the future. At a time of mounting challenges to health and social care systems, we are at the forefront of much-needed innovation both within the UK and globally. Aging populations continue to throw up new challenges, and our current hope is to develop solutions based on artificial intelligence in the coming years.

Good management hasn’t brought us to this point. Neither our considerable experience in care. What has bought us here today more than anything else is faith in our own principles and our own people. A company that is proud of its identity and proud of its people that embraced it. We have never compromised our integrity and preserved our true essence.

Eleanor has always taken the road less travelled. As we approach the next fork in the future of healthcare, you can trust us to take it again. We look forward to seeing where it will take us.

Eleanor senior management team at your service

David Mason

Operations Director

I have been privileged for many years to work in the Healthcare profession gaining a wealth of experiences and throughout have truly enjoyed the journey, and over time this has given me the knowledge to build platforms to improve peoples lives both in care and in providing great employment opportunities.

I remember all too well in my earlier days working for a very large healthcare company achieving heights and expanding my healthcare knowledge yet thinking how may I make further contributions adding and shaping such values as strong principles, people valuing and having the opportunity to build a strong company foundation. Well the opportunity came having met with Marc (Eleanor CEO) over ten years ago and as a consequence, I joined Eleanor care, and with Marc’s leadership and vision, we make it happen!

So, in using my healthcare knowledge across all sectors such as ambulance transport, hospital logistics, business development, care homes, and in-home care I am proud to be able to be in a position within Eleanor care to direct and shape the business. I consider myself to be privileged in working in the Healthcare sector and in particular working for Eleanor care where this truly is an area that I am able to make a positive difference to people’s lives, service users, and employees.

I take great pride in ensuring we operate to the best of our ability, and to ensure all our employees are valued.  This is a people business, and my greatest pleasure is in working with people and in improving their lives, so no better role in life.

A key factor with Eleanor Care is our employees with an embedded clear “can-do attitude”, nothing but amazing with employees willing to make a difference and work hard in our mission to be the best. I share this with you as in Eleanor care I welcome people to join us and experience what a great lead company this is to work for.

So, when I am asked “how do you feel about Eleanor Care” I very quickly say “I am proud of our employees and our business”.

Graham Walsh

Managing Director Eleanor Hospital Logistics

I am the Managing Director for Eleanor Hospital Logistics Limited which is part of the wider Eleanor Healthcare Group.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in Warehouse and Hospital/Healthcare Contract Logistics as business leaders of multiple customer pharma warehouses, hospital logistics materials management & non-emergency ambulance services. My career has constituted in the account and personal development of customer partnerships with the NHS and Pharma customers for over 20 years across many high profile pharma clients, including the likes of GSK, Bayer, Roche and NHS hospitals such as Guys & St Thomas, The Royal Brompton, Northwest London and Imperial College to name a few.

Building a business division from scratch in 2013 with no customer base, my passion was to expand the great name and business of Eleanor and nothing makes me more proud when we see our logistics business now operating in 16 major London hospitals.

My experiences of working with a large corporate organisation for so many years has provided myself with the business acumen and structure to progress with the introduction of the Eleanor Hospital Logistics and carrying forward all my aspirational desires to implement new systems and service solutions required in the modern-day and to fulfill my customer requirements and gaps in the healthcare market.

The opportunity to create images and fulfil dreams. There is no limit in Eleanor or barriers to open up new business avenues and innovative solutions, you won’t find this in many companies, the sky is the limit!

To become the largest hospital logistics company in the UK and beyond with a reputation for innovation, customer care and the best system/scan technology that cannot be found anywhere in the market.

Nothing but fondness, Eleanor for me is me. Eleanor is my business and therefore my life and my soul of everything I do.

Omar Weerasiri

Finance Director

During this summer, I was approached by a senior consultant in the Healthcare sector with a proposition. He strongly suggested that I meet a visionary leader in the sector and assured me that this meeting would change my life. The following day I met Marc, CEO of Eleanor for a cup of coffee. It did not take me long to recognise the livewire behind the tremendous success that Eleanor has achieved over the years. It was absolutely clear that this gentleman was truly passionate about care and placed people and service first in the company that he led. I was very impressed with his approach that I agreed to become part of his team as the Finance Director.

Prior to joining Eleanor, I was the Finance Director for a Group of Companies with 29 care homes across UK. I was definitely in my comfort zone during the nine years that I worked with this Care homes group. I was also privileged to be the Head of Finance for the largest seaplane operator in the world and also the pioneer and biggest resort hotel operator group in Maldives. While living in Sri Lanka, I headed the Finance department of a conglomerate in Hotel industry and have also worked as a project manager for a leading Capital market software Company, owned by London stock Exchange. I have also been an Investment Manager, responsible for a large portfolio of equity investments at the outset of my career.

I never realised that I could feel so young and excited so as to leave my last position and join a Company with such ambitious expansion plans. Since joining Eleanor, I have personally seen the transformation that Eleanor has brought about in the Health and Social Care Sector. Under Marc’s visionary leadership and the joint efforts of the senior colleagues, the Company is in the process of developing a software that would revolutionalise the Health and Social care sector. Operating from 1979, Eleanor Healthcare Group upholds the highest ethical and moral standards. Our best practices and knowledge of the respective local communities enable us to continue to provide highest quality care to our much-valued clients.

My responsibilities as Finance Director of Eleanor include leading the team of Finance professionals in providing timely and accurate management information as well as maintaining internal controls in order to safeguard the assets of the Company. We spearhead the process of budgeting and forecasting to ensure that organisational goals and all stakeholder interests are met.

I am honoured and privileged to be working with some exceptional colleagues at Eleanor. Through the leadership of our CEO, coupled with the continued dedication of our employees, the company has been able to achieve exponential growth – a trend we hope to maintain.  The Company’s investment in state-of-the art software has enabled us to optimise operational efficiencies. Our aim is to gratify our customers through consistent delivery of highest quality customer care. I am confident that Eleanor would achieve even greater success in the future and I very much look forward to being part of this journey!

James Filkins

Business Development Director

Since I joined in December 2018 Eleanor Healthcare Group has been on an extraordinary journey. We have grown from a predominately London based operation to having offices and services across the UK.

When I met Marc back in September 2018 the vision and ambition for Eleanor Healthcare Group was infectious, it was clear that Marc had the ambition to take the company in a direction that others would have thought impossible. The reason I joined was simple, I wanted to be part of the journey. I made the decision that wherever this business went I was going to be part of it. Eleanor has given me a purpose beyond paying the bills, it has become a part of my life I truly love doing what I do. We come to work each day and we make a difference in peoples lives, the feeling that it gives you knowing what you do helps people is a feeling very difficult to replicate.

I have held multiple roles during my career ranging from a Saturday stock assistant in a local retail outlet to running my very own business, all of which have played a key role in my personal development. I have learned from some of the very best business leaders in their respective industries giving me a true education on how to plan, execute, and deliver.

Day to day I now oversea the UK homecare operation which works alongside our well established London operation, over the past two years my role within the organisation has developed driven by the success of our recently opened branches across the UK.

Our plan for the UK operation in the coming years is to develop clusters or regions that will add to our already growing branch structure with key areas of interest being the South West of England, North East & North West of England, The Midlands and North and South Wales, we have successfully built homecare branches in notoriously difficult areas with particularly high levels of demand over the past 2 years with a model that can be duplicated and delivered anywhere. Our ability to work in partnership with councils to solve problems has allowed us to turn framework agreements into lead provider contracts in multiple locations over the past 2 years.

What does the future hold for Eleanor Healthcare Group… Excitement, Challenges, Growth, Innovation, Stability.

Our strategic plan for the future is mapped out and well underway however we envisage challenges greater than what we have dealt with previously but with challenges come opportunities, our aim is to stay flexible as an organisation to ensure we have the ability to adapt to change and make the most of opportunities that present themselves over the coming years.

Why Eleanor?

Eleanor Healthcare Group plays such a big part in so many people’s lives, whether you are an employee, service user, or a family member of either. Our commitment to delivering quality is unwavering and that message is consistent throughout the different locations across the group, we truly make a difference, and to be part of the journey is extraordinary. My passion for the brand has grown since I started in 2018 and is still growing each day, I wake up each morning excited to see what the day is going to bring, challenges to overcome, problems to solve yes but more importantly supporting our employees, service users and stakeholders to achieve goals and meet targets, ensuring we make that difference is what drives me to be better and do better each and every day. Growth can only be delivered if you are building on solid foundations and we are growing at a fantastic rate, showing we have the ability to overcome a pandemic and economic crisis ensuring consistency for all of our employees and service users.

Katie Wordley

Operations Manager

I have been working at Eleanor since 2012. Prior to this, my work experience was exclusively in the retail sector, from my first job of changing price tickets on supermarket shelves, eventually to retail management, however, I was looking for a career to offer further development, and a more meaningful career where I was able to contribute to the local community in some way. I met Marc the CEO back in early 2012, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that despite not having experience in the healthcare sector, with the right drive and passion, I was able to transfer a number of skills I had learned in retail and develop them further. Over the course of the last 8 years, I have been offered the opportunity to work in many areas of the business, from front line services and care co-ordinator to procurement and more strategical decision making. Through these experiences (and a few mistakes along the way!), Eleanor has allowed me to develop my leadership skills far more than I thought possible! Working at Eleanor has also given me the opportunity to work with a range of external professionals, from social workers, NHS staff, commissioners, and even local MP’s and mayors to name a few!

The perception (and unfortunately press coverage!) of the care sector is often negative, and I must admit I was slightly nervous about working for a company that has such impact and responsibility for people’s lives. I realised very quickly that working within a health or social care really can be life-changing, both for the employee and for the people we provide services for. I am constantly humbled by our staff who consistently go the extra mile, just to make one of our clients smile. This is especially true during these challenging times when our resolve, integrity, and resilience is tested more than ever. Despite the challenges and pressure that naturally come from looking after vulnerable people, these are far outweighed by the rewards that come in the form of knowing you have been able to brighten someone’s day, recount a memory with someone whose memory is fading, or step in to become the family support or friend they may not have.

Currently, my role is to manage and develop our learning disability, and residential care services. I am fortunate enough to work with a fantastic team of the front line and management staff, and my hope for the future is that we continue to embody the Eleanor mission statement to “set the standard in the care sector by delivering exceptional quality care with a team who have a real passion for delivering client-focused care with dignity and respect, which is valued by our clients and admired by all stakeholders”. There is a range of exciting projects to look forward to in the coming months, from new care homes joining our portfolio to extending our fantastic learning disability day services and social enterprises in more local communities.

I have been fortunate enough to have the unwavering support and encouragement from our experienced senior management team, which has given me the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to further develop our services from the fantastic base and reputation we already have. Working within Eleanor has shown me the lengths that people go to in order to be service to others, and it is humbling to work in such a fantastic culture and working environment. We focus on three areas for all of both our staff, and people who use our services, and these are our commitment to;

  • Know you
  • Value you
  • Challenge you

These principles are echoed throughout the company at all levels and have driven me to do the same with the staff that I manage.

So with that in mind, what would I say to someone looking to work at Eleanor? With the right drive, determination, and support from your colleagues, the sky truly is the limit. I strongly believe that Eleanor is not just able to offer job opportunities, but real-life skills and personalised development that has not only furthered my career in a role that I love but has also helped to shape the person I am today.”

Inoka Perera

Operations Manager

I joined Eleanor Care as a Recruitment and Retention Officer in August 2014. Looking back at time, the journey to this date has empowered and uplifted me to reach new heights of achievement every step of the way.

I was completely new to the Social Care Sector when I started my role in Eleanor. Having to work in the Insurance industry for over 6 years, to me, it was the beginning of a whole new career, in a completely different working environment.

The amazing support and guidance of the senior management team of Eleanor has always encouraged me and my teams to be confident, persevere and do what we do, best !

Over the last 6 years, I was give the opportunity to learn, operate and gain experience in all roles of recruitment,  coordination, compliance and team management to get to my current role in the organisation.

Today, I lead all community care services in London as an Operations Manager, working with over 70 service staff members and over 750 care staff members in the community.

The management of Eleanor has always supported and motivated me and everyone who was around me to look at the opportunities over challenges , strengths over weaknesses and positivity over negativity in the sector we are working in.

The CEO and every member of the senior management team operate by the vision of the organisation, “setting standards” in the care sector. Our teams are working around the clock to make the experience of “giving care” and “receiving care” a positive and fulfilling one. The contentment of seeing the positive changes we make every day in people’s lives is a reward beyond description.

Eleanor care is built upon a strong foundation where the core values of the organisation are set to achieve eminence in everything we do.

I have always been pound to be a part of Eleanor from the day one. It is the greatest opportunity to work with the most supportive management team I have come across to this date. The sky is the limit for team Eleanor !

Gobi Luxman

Head of Information Technology

I have over 15 years of experience in software development and architecture where I have been able to create, scale and optimize the whole IT infrastructure based on business requirements.

I focus on key results and have been able to build excellent teams and adapt to new insights and develop new strategies for B2B and B2C relationships. I have a proven track record in developing and maintaining software packages to enhance business performances through web presence, and my specialist knowledge is within Health Care and logistics, Insurance, and financial services.

My association with Eleanor goes back to 2012 in various capacities which has allowed me to understand the many areas of the business. Through these experiences and working collaboratively with the senior management team and colleagues, I have been able to focus on future-proofing business operations through digital transformation for the consumer, staff and healthcare sector. I am responsible for the overall IT infrastructure of Eleanor healthcare group and its subsidiaries, supporting company-wide initiatives by increasing efficiency, automation. We have created streamlined processes and are able to monitor our performances across the organisation more closely.

Digital innovation is a core component of our strategy, and we continue to develop awareness, engagement with our service users and maintain service excellence through our channels, and it is an exciting time for Eleanor as we launch our bespoke end to end care management system. There has never been a better time to be part of the Eleanor family. We are an organisation with big ambitions and a clear plan to achieve them, and it is satisfying to know that we are continually striving to make a difference for our teams, stakeholders, and community.

Olga Crosse

Head of Human Resources

I have over 20 years experience in Human Resources and her particular strength is working with fast growing SME’s and dynamic entrepreneurial organisations like Eleanor Care.

Olga has been helping us take care of our people at Eleanor for nearly 5 years, and in that time she says  no two days have been  the same. We have a lot of people, so she is kept on her toes which is just the way she likes it and as she says Its interesting and exciting working

in such a fast paced environment and as Eleanor expands, its people grow with it. Its fantastic being able to offer people a varied and challenging career that really makes a difference and I am keen to keep that ethos, which is what makes working at Eleanor so special.