Living Skills

Smerdon Centre

Smerdon is a large day centre activity service for adults with a learning disability. Smerdon first opened its doors in May 1981 and has continued to grow and develop into the service it is today. Smerdon embraces a “can do” attitude and strives to provide meaningful opportunities to the people we support, helping each service user to achieve their individual potential.

Eleanor was awarded the contract for the service provision by Bexley council in June 2015. We currently support 120 people with varying needs across the Bexley area.

We run a timetabled programme of activities throughout the day. Each service user is assigned a key worker and key group and is supported to take part in their choice of activity to maintain and achieve their personal aspirations and development.

Choice of in house activities include: drama, cook and eat, baking, arts and crafts, Wii dance, writing and numbers, reminiscence therapy, computer skills, act in front of a camera, dance and exercise and speaking up groups.

For people with complex needs, including sensory impairment, we offer specialist activities including: pet therapy, aromatherapy, vibro gym, music therapy, hydrotherapy and art therapy.

Within Smerdon we operate three successful social enterprises: Dream Media, Dream Cards and Dream Gardening Services. Within these enterprises we offer supported employment opportunities for our service users.

Dream Media: Our aim is to provide paid employment for adults with a learning disability and to raise a positive awareness within the local community using innovative technology in a fun way. Services include film work, VHS to DVD transfer, photo work and the production of marketing materials. We have recently purchased a photo booth which has further opened up opportunities for paid employment.

Dream Cards: Dream Cards offer a creative card making session that sells greeting cards to local businesses, raising awareness of Smerdon.

Dream Gardening: Dream Gardening Services offers an all year outside gardening maintenance service, with a strong working ethos leading to paid employment.

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