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Eleanor Nursing and Social Care was founded in 1979 and since we have developed extensive experience and knowledge in the healthcare sector.

Since our humble beginning in 1979, we have developed extensive experience and knowledge across all areas of the healthcare sector.

Today, we are a large independent provider of a wide range of care services including home care, residential care homes and day centres. We support individuals of all ages with varying levels of need for support.

Our consistent high standards of care are delivered by a compassionate and dedicated team of people. Our staff are always encouraged and supported to expand their skills with a catalogue of course options available at our dedicated training facility in Lewisham.

We operate in both the public and private sectors to deliver care to our service-users nationwide.

In addition, over the last decade our portfolio has expanded, with growing business in both the Hospital Logistics and Patient Transport markets. This development has seen us become the Eleanor Healthcare Group we are today.

Our Values

At Eleanor Nursing and Social Care Ltd, we focus everything we do around five main values; trust, respect, empowerment, innovation and fulfilment. We only employ care workers and staff who demonstrate and share each one of our values in order to provide a dependable and safe service.


One of the fundamental values of Eleanor is trust. We want you to trust us completely so that we can help improve the most precious and valuable aspects of your life, including your time, self-respect and self-esteem. To achieve this, you will be paired with a specially selected support workers whose skill, compassion and understanding will foster a relationship based on trust.


Following on from trust is another of the most important Eleanor values; respect. At Eleanor, we respect our clients and each other, treating everyone with the same level of dignity and consideration that we’d expect to receive ourselves. Indeed, we strive for mutual respect through compassion, commitment, truth and loyalty.


Through your relationship with us, you will be empowered to be independent and to fulfil your greater potential. By working together, we will develop a personalised service to deliver the right level of companionship and support you need to achieve your dreams and live a better quality of life, whether that’s simply having the confidence a companion brings or a little extra support.


At Eleanor, we’re constantly striving to stay ahead by finding new and innovative ways to provide you with unique and rewarding experiences. We have our own dedicated champions for innovation, an in-house software development team and in-house training team, meaning we can adapt and innovate quickly to the changing care needs of our clients.


The purpose of Eleanor is to provide services that enable you to live your life to the fullest, to achieve things you may not have even considered without our support. As well as this, we want you to feel fulfilled and satisfied that you have the very best quality of life each and every day.

If you’d like to find out more about our values and services, please contact us today.

“Eleanor aims to set the standard in the care sector by delivering exceptional quality care with a team who have a real passion for delivering client-focused care with dignity and respect, which is valued by our clients and admired by all stakeholders”

Our commitment to you

  • We will be available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • We will regularly check and monitor the service you are receiving to ensure that we are working to the highest possible standards.
  • We will continually aim to exceed the high standards of care practice set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • We will ensure that you are able to make real choices and have control over your person-centred care plan.
  • We will respect and take seriously your views and opinions about the services you require.
  • We will ensure that our support workers and office staff are courteous, professional and respectful to your needs at all times.
  • We regularly monitor the performance of our support workers and office staff by carrying out telephone surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires and random assessments.
  • We deal with any issues or concerns raised quickly, sympathetically and professionally, with the least disruption to you.

What We Do

Care at Home

Care at home is all about your personalised support to get you up and about in the morning, support to take your medication at the right time, help you move around the house and even to feed your pets.

There are a variety of services available for you to choose from.

Care Homes

In our beautiful, modern care homes, we support you and the other residents to develop their living skills. We will also work with you to maintain your independence and grow your confidence. The safe and welcoming environment of our care will ensure you feel comfortable in your new home.

Our focus is to empower everyone we support. We want you to make informed decisions about all aspects of your life.

Supported Living

Our dedicated supported living homes are designed to support people with varying levels of learning disabilities or mental health conditions.

Our specially trained team will work with you, to help you feel confident in the community and our beautiful, well maintained facilities offer a safe living space for as long as you feel you want to be there.

Day Centres

We believe that day centres are more than a chance to just get out the house or have a change of scenery. Our specialist teams offered tailored support, which works around your wants and needs. We look at how you want to develop and what your goals are and then support you every step of the way to achieving them.

With so many activities to get involved with, it won’t be long before you see your confidence and your skills for living independently grow.

Social Enterprises

At Eleanor we run a range of social enterprises - businesses that are changing the world for the better

All of our social enterprise employees have a learning disability, or mental health condition.

Patient Transport Service

Covering thousands of support journeys per year, all our ambulances are fully equipped for many patient type requirements. Our exceptional team of specialist trained ambulance drivers are fully trained in first aid, manual handling, oxygen therapy and suction, and to high levels of care where required.

With 24-hour availability, 365 days a year, we are always able to meet demand and offer a seamless service to our customers and service-users.

Hospital Logistics

Our HOSLO systems have been designed to offer a full complement of innovative systems and solutions to enhance each hospital’s materials management supply chain from the point of entry into the hospital, ward store rooms, point of use consumption and supplier reorders.

What people say about us


I am so grateful to the care you have given over the past 2 years, my father's quality of life and deep friendship to the wonderful carers cannot be expressed enough

- Madison F (Daughter of Resident)


Care Categories

General Nursing Older People Residential Companionship care Garden Quiet Room

What people say about us


I moved mum to Eleanor care in June of last year to look after my mums needs, the carers and support mum has received has been amazing, thank you so much!

- Emma W (Daughter of resident)


Care Categories

Older People Residential Dementia Dementia care Parkinsons Escort Services

What people say about us


I cannot find the words to express my thanks to Jackie my Eleanor carer whom has tirelessly looked after my complex needs throughout these challenging times

- Benjamin H (Service user)


Care Categories

Adult Care and Support Older People Companionship care Reablement care Blitz Cleaning Services Escort Services Shopping Services

What people say about us


I'm on my 5th year now of receiving care and as with every Christmas I want to thank you all so much for looking after me, and bless you all

- Charlotte K


Care Categories

Residential Long Term Stay Bathroom & shower rooms Garden Hairdressing Quiet Room


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Our customers and partners

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