Christmas cheer for Dorchester community

Eleanor Healthcare Group

Every year our wonderful Dorchester branch manager, Kelly comes up with festive activities and ideas for staff, service users and the local community.

This year, Kelly has organised gift bags for service users as a Christmas present from the Eleanor carers and is working with her Sister Kerry who is a member of staff at Lulworth Cove Inn pub! Instead of secret Santa this year, the staff at Lulworth Cove Inn pub have donated the money to raise funds AND have donated their tips to support Eleanor and a food bank in Wareham with food parcels. 

We are incredibly grateful to the amazing team at Lulworth Cove Inn, Kelly and her sister Kerry for organising fantastic Christmas cheer and spreading joy to the local community! 

The bags and parcels will be shared with our service users in Dorchester, Boscombe and Poole!

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