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  1. 1. Anniversary of the first lockdown – Our CEO’s message of thanks and hope to everyone in Eleanor. Watch full video HERE.


  1. 2. At Roselands Residential Home, Ms. Carol and her daughter Shelly met after more than a year. Their emotional reunion was covered live by Anna Gladwin from Sussex Live. Watch full video HERE.


  1. 3. On Mother’s Day, our CEO, Marc Santhi, delivered a heart-felt message to all our carers. Watch full video HERE.


  1. 4. COVID-19 vaccination: a message of reassurance. Watch full video HERE.
  3. 5. We are now recruiting! We are always looking for talented people to come and work for us and there are many opportunities for career progression. Watch full video HERE.


  1. 6. Smerdon come together to spread the love with this Valentines message. Watch full video HERE.