Digital is the only way forward

Graham Walsh

Digital is the only way forward, every hospital should have it, and it is only a matter of time before you will have it.. and it can be very inexpensive …… but you must have the appetite to explore it; you must have a desire to enhance patient and product safety, you must have a desire to change, you must have a desire to stop waiting for somebody else, you must have a desire to stop throwing cash in the bin, you must have a desire to stop and think, this is my money, these are my products, these are my patients… STOP and want to have a desire !!

14 London Hospitals did have the appetite and a desire, and now the benefits are realised.

This is the only hospital system in the country tracking your order through 11 different time and date stamp process stages from arrival to storeroom restocking, but that’s not all…

Ask yourself if your hospital systems can ……

  • Track and deliver your hospital order & product securely after it arrives at the hospital?
  • Have the confidence their order and product has not been tampered with?
  • Allow your clinical and non-clinical teams to track all of their hospital purchase orders online in ‘real time’ from their own department PC?
  • Track who unloaded their delivery?
  • Track who receipted their delivery?
  • Automatically allocate and consolidate Trust orders into hospital zones for maximum efficiency?
  • Track product and batch expiry of what was placed on the shelf and any short-dated items?
  • Complete a product recall identification across 14 hospitals and 540 departments in 2 minutes?
  • Know which staff member delivered and restocked your order and how long it took?
  • Follow all the principles of GS1 Scan4Safety to scan Person, Product, Place & Process.
  • Sign for deliveries on PDA glass.

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