Eleanor Cares Awards 2021

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The “Eleanor Cares Awards” was held on 27th April 2021. There was a total of 249 nominations and Jean-Marc Flambert, the Communications Director, explained the difficulty of choosing winners as almost all were found deserving of an award. The ceremony therefore highlighted a 38 randomly selected entries, and it was decided to award everyone a medal in recognition of the valiant work and dedication in a year that brought many professional and personal challenges.

Marc Santhi, CEO commented after the event, “I am a firm believer in creating an environment that brings the best out of our staff and service users. We make a promise to every employee and customer to “Know You, Value You and Challenge You”. Despite the last twelve months, being the most challenging for the care sector, our incredible Eleanor carers continue to strive for excellence and continue to leave no stone un- turned in the pursuit of the best for their service users (customers).

Yesterday, at the “Eleanor Cares Awards 2021”, we paused for a moment and reflected on what everyone at Eleanor has achieved. It is so easy to take heroic actions for granted in this sector. Once again, I was humbled and reminded how privileged I am, to be leading this wonderful army of workers across the country. Each and every one of our employees deserves a medal for what they have done; it is absolutely essential that we recognise each and every one of them without exception. We know what they do, we know them as individuals, we value them and so, yesterday we paused to recognise them.

Eleanor Healthcare Group Virtual Employee Awards Ceremony

I would not want to single out any one, so please watch the full video, but to give you a glimpse, here are three:

Adesewa (Lydia)  Aina – Greenwich

On Christmas day, we had a gentlemen who was on palliative care. We had a waking night in place so that he was not on his own. The carer had called to say that this gentleman had passed away. His next of kin had not put any plans in place and was unfortunately unable to visit. Lydia came and picked me up and we went to relieve the carer at 11pm on Christmas night. We both stayed with the gentleman and the paramedics, while we waited for a funeral director to become involved and pick this gentleman up. Lydia dropped the care worker home and had even continued to follow up with her through the week. Yes, we are in care, however when someone passes away it is still not an easy thing to accept for anyone.


Cecilia Abena – Bexley

From the daughter of one of our service users

“She is one very ‘special lady’. She always goes over and above. She encourages mum to regularly eat and drink. She keeps the house clean and tidy. As mum has a very delicate tummy, she  ensures that there are no ‘out of date’ items in the fridge that might be mistakenly given to her. Throughout the lockdown, she has not just been mum’s rock but has also given me peace of mind knowing that she will always look out for mum. I miss her when she is not on duty. A BIG thank you to all your carers.”

From the daughter of one of our service users

“Cecilia is an asset to the company, courteous, respectful, friendly, helpful, and above all, professional. Its such a big thing having someone come into your family home and in effect become part of your family/ support network. She is patient with my Dad, and seems to get how he works and what he needs – she puts him at ease. This is a massive relief to us.”


Samantha Rogers – Portsmouth

Samantha has been a pivotal cog in setting our reputation for quality care within our branch. I frequently receive phone calls to commend her attitude towards her work, and the reassurance Samantha provides each of her regular service users. Recently, she highlighted to the office that a particular service user’s next of kin was becoming very stressed and needed some respite time from caring for their partner. The strain had started to cause a breakdown in their marital relationship. The service user and his family did not know anything about Samantha’s proactive work and were delighted to learn that she could assist them with a weekly sitting service for four hours.

The couples 46 year relationship has been restored now that the pressure is reduced. Nothing is ever too much for our ‘Super Sam.’


Thank you to all Eleanor Healthcare Group employees across 16 branches of Home Care, 10 homes and day centers and those based across 15 hospitals / 7 NHS Trusts as part of Eleanor Hospital Logistics team.  

To watch the ceremony CLICK HERE. 

Thank you to all who nominated someone, and a big thank you to all of you for flying the Eleanor flag and our values.

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