Eleanor Hospital Logistics receives personal commendation for from the Imperial Hospital CEO

Tony Walsh

Tim Orchard (Imperial Chief Executive Officer), Merlyn Marsden (CX site manager), David Peterson (Neurosurgery Consultant), Sarah Brice (Elderly Medical Consultant), Marcelle Tauber-Gilmore (Clinical Procurement Lead Nurse), visited the Charing Cross team on 5 February 2021, Friday, to personally thank the logistics team for the steady work that the logistics team has done throughout the course of the pandemic. In the picture, they can be seen with Kasper from the PPE team and Frances Wakefield who manages the Charing Cross site.

This delightful introduction followed another very recent visit from Tim Orchard and NHS England at our St Marys Hospital Stores on Tuesday 2nd February where again they met with our hospital teams and Attila Molnar, our Hospital Site Manager, and again thanked Eleanor for the work undertaken throughout the pandemic.

Eleanor Hospital Logistics Team at warehouse

This visit from an executive at the C-Suite level is highly unusual and underscores the vital importance of our work. Through the two waves and three national lockdowns, the logistics team have continually supported the NHS hospitals that Eleanor Healthcare Group serves. On behalf of Eleanor, we cannot thank our team’s ability across all sites to diversify so much on a continual basis, whether its changing the layout of stock rooms, realigning delivery timelines to match hospital requirements, adapting to tighter infection control protocols, agile staff assignments, and the hundreds of adaptions to PPE and medical supply management, we applaud you.

To this end, at the Royal Brompton & Harefield, our customer and Head of Procurement Chris Japhta wrote to Eleanor on Thursday 11th February expressing these warming words “After nearly a year of dealing with PPE issues Joy Godden (Director of nursing and governance) wanted to express her sincere thanks for the hard work that the Procurement and Eleanor Team have put into ensuring that the Trust always had a consistent supply of good quality products. Joy feels that the team have been exceptional during a time of huge challenge and wanted me to pass this onto you all.

Keep up the great work, I believe we are over the worst of it and I’m delighted that your efforts are being recognised at a senior level.

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