Eleanor: The Road Less Travelled

Marc Santhi: CEO of Eleanor Healthcare Group

Marc Santhi

Chief Executive Officer

An Unconventional Odyssey – Charting a Visionary Path towards Success

Despite a successful stint as one of the youngest finance directors in London, specialising in mergers and acquisitions for a prominent advertising company, Marc found his professional success to be hollow. Driven by a desire to serve the community, he left the lucrative world of finance to establish an accountancy practice and business consultancy in Lewisham. His mission was clear: guide local start-ups and small businesses toward financial transparency and profitability.

As Marc’s consultancy flourished, he received a crucial call from Eleanor in 2005, who was struggling to keep her nursing agency afloat after 26 years. Marc took on the challenge, initiating a leap of faith that marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Today, the Eleanor Healthcare Group stands as a model business in the care sector, with over 1500 dedicated members, fluent in 112 languages, supporting over 3000 clients. The senior staff, with a combined experience of over 100 years in health and social care, has been instrumental in guiding and participating in the organisation’s remarkable growth.

Marc draws inspiration from his team of staff, care workers, and frontline keyworkers, acknowledging their role in preserving the life and dignity of the most vulnerable in the community. He emphasises that Eleanor is an organization with people at its core, having created a paradigm shift in the care sector with the driving principle that social care is about people, not processes.

In 2009, Marc introduced the concept of person-centric care, responding to a request from Richmond Council. Eleanor Healthcare Group led the transformation, offering tailor-made services and pioneering an outcomes-based approach in collaboration with local authorities. The organisation then took a leading role in preventive care, integrating health and social care services and introducing a novel caring model to Lewisham Council based on the Buurtzorg model.

Despite numerous achievements, Marc sees success as just the beginning. The Eleanor family remains ready to take another leap of faith, with trust in people above processes. In the face of mounting challenges to health and social care systems, Marc has been steering Eleanor to the forefront of much-needed innovation within the UK and globally.

Eleanor Healthcare Group takes pride in its identity, never compromising integrity, and always preserving its true essence. The commitment to taking the road less travelled is evident as it approaches the next fork in the future of healthcare, promising to continue breaking new ground and redefine possibilities.

Marc Santhi: CEO of Eleanor Healthcare Group
Marc Santhi: CEO of Eleanor Healthcare Group
Marc Santhi: CEO of Eleanor Healthcare Group

Eleanor Healthcare Group team at your service

Steering the company's strategic direction is the Board of Directors, led by Marc Santhi and including Katie Wordley, David Mason, Sushil Radi, Madhav Joshi, and Graham Walsh. Renowned for their extensive experience and expertise within the Social Care industry, they guide the organisation with confidence and foresight.

Augmenting this leadership are the members of the Senior Management Team, comprising both Board Members and accomplished professionals Gobi Luxman, Razmie Makoon, Inoka Perera, Sean Pompeus, and Olga Crosse. Each individual within this team brings a wealth of specialised knowledge and skills, ensuring the delivery of excellence in every aspect of our operations. Together, they are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care, enriching the lives of those we serve.

Katie Wordley: Chief Operations Officer at Eleanor Healthcare Group

Katie Wordley

Chief Operations Officer

A journey of professional growth and fulfilment

Since joining Eleanor in 2012, Katie Wordley has transitioned from an exclusive background in retail to a fulfilling career that offers continuous development and the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the local community. Initially attracted to Eleanor Healthcare Group by its CEO, Marc, Katie discovered that despite lacking healthcare sector experience, the organisation valued drive and passion, allowing for the transfer and enhancement of retail-acquired skills.

Over the past 11 years, Katie has navigated various roles within the company, ranging from frontline services and care coordination to procurement and strategic decision-making. Through these experiences, Eleanor provided a platform for her to develop leadership skills, a journey marked by both successes and valuable learning opportunities.

Initially apprehensive about working in a sector often perceived negatively, Katie quickly recognised the life-changing impact of health and social care work, both for employees and service users. The dedication of Eleanor’s staff, especially during challenging times, consistently inspires Katie, highlighting the resilience, integrity, and commitment exhibited.

Acknowledging the support from the experienced senior management team at Eleanor, Katie emphasises the role it played in providing the confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary to enhance services from an already strong base and reputation. The company’s three-point promise—Know you, Value you, Challenge you – serves as a guiding principle, evident at all organisational levels and mirrored in her management approach.

To individuals considering joining Eleanor, Katie encourages them with a message of limitless possibilities. With the right drive, determination, and support, Eleanor offers not just job opportunities but real-life skills and personalized development. She strongly believes that Eleanor has not only advanced her career in a role she loves but has also contributed to shaping the person she is today.

David Mason: Operations Director at Eleanor Healthcare Group

David Mason

Operations Director

Pioneering Transformative Healthcare Solutions and Shaping Success

With an extensive career in the healthcare sector, David Mason has amassed a wealth of experience over many years. This experience has provided a foundation of knowledge that has been instrumental in the development of platforms aimed at improving the lives of both those under care and the dedicated workforce.

In the early days of his career with a prominent healthcare company, David achieved notable heights and expanded his understanding of the healthcare landscape. Despite these accomplishments, he maintained a steadfast desire to make further meaningful contributions. The opportunity arose over a decade ago when David met with Marc Santhi, CEO of Eleanor. Joining Eleanor Healthcare Group under Marc’s leadership and vision proved to be a transformative decision, contributing significantly to the realisation of many goals.

Leveraging his expertise across various healthcare domains, including ambulance transport, hospital logistics, business development, care homes, and homecare, David is now proud to hold a pivotal position within Eleanor Healthcare Group, where he actively directs and shapes the business.

Sushil Radia

Non Executive Director

An experienced Leader in UK Homecare and Residential Care

Sushil Radia is an accomplished executive with a remarkable 34-year career, specialising in the UK homecare and residential care of the elderly sectors. His expertise spans a diverse range of areas, including commercial and regulatory affairs, mergers and acquisitions, sustainable growth, turnaround strategies, leadership, and team building.

Having served as the CEO/Managing Director of Westminster Homecare Limited, Sushil has been a driving force in the industry, steering organisations toward excellence. His strategic leadership and insights have consistently propelled success in the care sector.

Sushil has actively engaged in supporting the charitable sector and trade bodies as a non-executive. His commercial and financial acumen, coupled with insightful perspectives, have contributed significantly to various organisations. In addition, he has held advisory, non-executive director, and trustee positions with SMEs and charities, including St Luke’s Hospice and RMBI Care Homes.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to social care, Sushil was honoured with the “Outstanding Contribution to Social Care 2011 Award” by the Great British Home Care Awards, supported by the Department of Health.

As a Non-Executive Director of Eleanor Healthcare Group, his extensive background and experience in the UK homecare and residential care sector bring unparalleled value. With a focus on mergers, acquisitions, and sustainable growth, Sushil’s strategic vision aligns seamlessly with the mission at Eleanor Healthcare.

Sushil is recognised as a highly respected figure within the industry, acknowledged as a seasoned veteran. His passion for his work and dedication to the betterment of the care sector make him a complete professional, earning admiration from peers and colleagues alike.

Graham Walsh: Managing Director, Eleanor Hospital Logistics

Graham Walsh

Managing Director Eleanor Hospital Logistics

Pioneering Excellence in Hospital Logistics amidst Success and Innovation

Graham Walsh, Managing Director of Eleanor Hospital Logistics Limited, a subsidiary within the broader Eleanor Healthcare Group, brings an extensive wealth of experience and expertise to the fields of pharmaceutical warehouses, hospital logistics, materials management, and non-emergency ambulance services.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over two decades, Graham has successfully cultivated enduring partnerships with customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Notable collaborations include esteemed organisations such as GSK, Bayer, Roche, and prestigious NHS hospitals such as Guys & St. Thomas, The Royal Brompton, Northwest London, and Imperial College.

In 2013, Graham embraced the challenge of establishing a business division from scratch, without an existing customer base. Motivated by his passion to elevate the reputation and business standing of Eleanor Healthcare Group, Graham takes immense pride in witnessing the operational expansion of the logistics division across 16 major London hospitals.

Graham’s overarching objective at Eleanor Healthcare Group, is to ascend to the position of the largest hospital logistics company in the UK and beyond. This journey is underscored by a commitment to fostering innovation, delivering exceptional customer care, and harnessing cutting-edge system and scan technology to establish a reputation of excellence.

Madhav Joshi

Finance Director

Transformative Financial Leadership in Healthcare.

Madhav Joshi, brings over 15 years of comprehensive experience in the healthcare sector, specialising in financial strategy, planning, reporting, and analysis that propel organisational growth and sustainability.

As a Chartered Certified Accountant and Fellow member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), Madhav combines his academic prowess with a wealth of hands-on experience. His expertise extends to system implementation, ensuring that organisations operate at the forefront of financial technology to optimise processes and enhance efficiency.

Madhav’s journey in finance and healthcare began with a solid educational foundation, earning an MBA from John Moore University. This academic background, coupled with his professional qualifications, makes him a seasoned financial leader with a keen understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare financial landscape.

As the Finance Director, Madhav oversees financial operations, guiding the organisation’s fiscal decisions to support growth initiatives and ensure long-term sustainability. His role goes beyond traditional financial management, encompassing strategic planning that is integral to Eleanor Healthcare Group’s mission of providing exceptional care and making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

His commitment to setting new standards in financial governance aligns seamlessly with the organisation’s vision of a healthier and thriving future.

Inoka Perara: Executive Assistant to the CEO, Eleanor Healthcare Group

Inoka Perera

Head of HR

A journey of strategic advancement and achieving success

In August 2014, Inoka Perera embarked on a journey with Eleanor Healthcare Group, assuming the role of Recruitment and Retention Officer. This pivotal decision has proven instrumental in her personal and professional growth, guiding her to reach notable achievements along the way.

With a background of over six years in the insurance industry, Inoka transitioned into an entirely new career in the social care sector upon joining Eleanor. Despite her initial unfamiliarity with the intricacies of social care, the steadfast support and guidance from the senior management team at Eleanor fostered an environment that encouraged both her and her teams to cultivate confidence, perseverance, and excellence in their respective roles.

Over the course of 6 years, Inoka seized opportunities to gain comprehensive experience in recruitment, coordination, compliance, and team management. In 2019, she became a CQC Registered Manager and subsequently assumed the role of Operations Manager for the London Homecare Division, effectively fulfilling these responsibilities until 2023. In that capacity, she was overseeing all community care services in London, directing the efforts of over 70 service staff members and managing a team comprising more than 750 care staff members actively engaged in community care.

With a four-year track record of success in operations, Inoka transitioned to the role of Executive Assistant to the CEO of the group in January 2023.

Aligned with the organisational vision to “set the standard” in the care sector, Inoka notes the commitment of the CEO and the entire senior management team. This collective dedication is mirrored in the tireless efforts of Eleanor HealthCare Group’s teams, who work diligently to create a positive and fulfilling experience for both caregivers and care recipients.

The fulfilment derived from observing the positive changes made daily in the lives of individuals served by Eleanor represents an indescribable reward for Inoka. This underscores the profound impact of collective efforts in maintaining a work environment that prioritises excellence in care delivery.

Gobi Luxman

Head of Information Technology

Driving Digital Transformation and Innovation in Healthcare IT

With over 18 years of professional experience in software development and architecture, Gobi Luxman has played a pivotal role in creating, scaling, and optimising comprehensive IT infrastructures tailored to business requirements and industry standards within the care sector.

Demonstrating a results-oriented focus, Gobi has successfully created high-performing teams, adapted to evolving insights, and devised innovative strategies for both B2B and B2C relationships. He boasts a proven track record in developing and maintaining software packages that significantly enhance business performance through a robust web presence, with specialised expertise spanning healthcare, logistics, insurance, and financial services.

Having been with Eleanor since 2012 in various capacities, Gobi has garnered a profound understanding of the diverse facets of the business. Leveraging these experiences and collaborating with the senior management team and colleagues, he has strategically focused on future-proofing business operations through digital transformation across consumer, staff, and healthcare sectors. As the overseer of the overall IT infrastructure for Eleanor Healthcare Group and its subsidiaries, Gobi actively supports company-wide initiatives by driving efficiency and automation, thereby enabling thorough performance monitoring across the organisation.

In the realm of Eleanor, Gobi emphasises that there has never been a more opportune time to be part of the Eleanor family. The organisation is characterised by substantial ambitions and a well-defined plan to achieve them. He finds satisfaction in the continuous pursuit of making a positive difference for teams, stakeholders, and communities, solidifying Eleanor’s position as a dynamic force in the healthcare sector.

Razmie Makoon

Director of Operations

An evolution from hospitality to healthcare

Razmie’s career commenced in 1994 when he embarked on a path of professional growth as a Part-time Ticketing & Reservation Trainee and building on these experiences, grew as an Executive for a prominent Middle East airline in Sri Lanka from 1995 to 1999. This tenure saw him navigating the intricacies of the airline industry, honing skills in client relations and operations.

In 1999, Razmie embarked on an international journey, joining a leading Corporate Hotel Chain in London as a Management Trainee. Over the next six years, he served as a Revenue/Internal Auditor across 11 hotels, demonstrating prowess in financial oversight and process optimisation.

The year 2006 marked a pivotal shift as he assumed the role of Project Manager for the hotel group, spearheading initiatives to enhance service delivery and streamline operations. His vision and project management acumen propelled him towards greater responsibilities. From 2011 to 2019, Razmie excelled as the Group Hotel Operations Manager across 16 hotels, overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring optimal guest experiences.

In 2021, Razmie embarked on a new chapter, joining Eleanor Healthcare Group as Operations Support Manager, where he seamlessly transitioned his expertise to the healthcare sector. His impact was swift and significant, leading to his promotion to Regional Operations Manager in 2022. In November 2023, Razmie’s dedication were recognised once again as he ascended to the role of Director of Operations.

With his wealth of experience, Razmie is dedicated towards steering the Eleanor Healthcare Group towards operational excellence and high standards of care.

Sean R. Pompeus

Marketing Systems Manager

Advertising to Healthcare - A Transcendent Journey

Sean brings over 20 years of invaluable experience in the realm of Advertising and Communication, shaping brands and orchestrating successful campaigns across various industries. Currently serving as the Marketing Systems Manager, Sean spearheads the organisation’s marketing strategy, branding, communications, and PR initiatives for Eleanor Healthcare Group.

Sean’s journey in advertising began in 2001, marking the inception of a career adorned with achievements and milestones. His roles in agencies such as DY&R, Ogilvy, and Leo Burnett (Publicis) saw him donning hats of Client Service Executive, Account Manager, and Senior Brand Manager. His journey has been punctuated by numerous accolades, including awards at The Chillies, numerous Gold awards at The Effies, Effie Agency of the Year titles, and Campaign’s Creative Agency of the Year.

Sean joined the MullenLowe Group Sri Lanka in 2015, rising up the ranks to Client Servicing Director, Associate Vice President and eventually to Vice President and Business Director, heading the business for LoweLintas, the tandem agency within the group. His leadership in the Unilever Business showcased his operational prowess and strategic insights, earning him praise from clients. He also served as the Head of New Business, leading a cross-departmental team of agency professionals to drive and sustain business growth.

Armed with a deep understanding of Advertising & Marketing, Public Relations, and Media, Sean is not only a seasoned professional but also a passionate advocate for nurturing future leaders, evident in the roles he has played in numerous organising committees and jury panels for prestigious competitions like the Cannes Young Lions and Cannes Young Marketer.

In 2023, Sean relocated to London to assume the role of leading the marketing team at Eleanor Healthcare Group. Transitioning from a distinguished career in Advertising to the dynamic field of Care, has provided him with new insights and a profound sense of fulfilment. This shift has not only presented an opportunity for Sean to apply his extensive skills and knowledge, but has also enabled him to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the business.

Olga Crosse: Head of Human Resources, Eleanor Healthcare Group

Olga Crosse

Head of Human Resources

Orchestrating People Excellence and Enriching Careers

With over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Olga Crosse has cultivated a particular expertise in collaborating with rapidly growing SMEs and dynamic entrepreneurial organisations, exemplified by her tenure at Eleanor Healthcare Group.

In her nearly 8 year role overseeing employee affairs at Eleanor Healthcare Group, Olga has navigated the challenges of managing a workforce exceeding 1000 employees. Operating within this dynamic and ever-evolving environment, she thrives on the continuous demand, finding fulfilment in the dynamic nature of her responsibilities.

As Eleanor Healthcare Group expands, Olga plays a pivotal role in ensuring the synchronised growth of its people. Offering a diverse and challenging career path, she takes pride in contributing to an environment where each day presents unique opportunities to make a significant difference. Olga is committed to preserving this ethos, making the experience of working at Eleanor a truly distinctive and enriching one.

Michelle Rowden

Executive Assistant & Head of Admin

A journey in high level Executive support

Michelle Rowden brings 18 years of experience in supporting various levels of management, including Director-level executives at DPD, one of Europe’s leading parcel groups. Her career is marked by a high level of organisation, confidence, and solid administrative competencies. Known for her exceptional attention to detail, Michelle thrives in fast-paced, high-pressure environments while maintaining a calm and professional demeanour.

Throughout her career, Michelle has shown remarkable adaptability by engaging in projects that have allowed her to showcase her creativity and innovation. These experiences have enabled her to excel not only as a Personal Assistant but also in achieving personal milestones beyond her traditional role. Her collaborative nature and commitment to continuous improvement are qualities she aspires to bring to every professional endeavour.

The highlight in her expansive career is when she supported project PRIDE, an engagement initiative within the Co-operative Group, focusing on enhancing people management through effective communication and processes. This initiative resulted in a 10% increase in engagement scores, directly correlating with improved key performance indicators.

With a blend of administrative expertise, project management experience, and a passion for innovation, Michelle Rowden is dedicated to contributing to the success of the Eleanor Healthcare Group while fostering a collaborative work environment.

Marc Santhi: CEO of Eleanor Healthcare Group
Graham Walsh: Managing Director, Eleanor Hospital Logistics
David Mason: Operations Director at Eleanor Healthcare Group
Katie Wordley: Chief Operations Officer at Eleanor Healthcare Group
Inoka Perara: Executive Assistant to the CEO, Eleanor Healthcare Group
Olga Crosse: Head of Human Resources, Eleanor Healthcare Grou
David Mason: Operations Director at Eleanor Healthcare Group
Marc Santhi: CEO of Eleanor Healthcare Group
David Mason: Operations Director at Eleanor Healthcare Group
Katie Wordley: Chief Operations Officer at Eleanor Healthcare Group
Katie Wordley: Chief Operations Officer at Eleanor Healthcare Group