Mental health & social isolation – Our Staying alive campaign

Mickel Brown

We are delighted to see our colleagues who work directly with the NHS, taking a short break to join the rest of our Eleanor Hospital and home care teams to promote the message of our ‘Staying alive’ campaign, which features staff from across the Eleanor Healthcare Group showcase their dance moves to the iconic Bee Gees track.

Our Eleanor care workers provide over 30,000 hours of home care every week, however sadly we are witnessing an increasing number of clients who feel worried, isolated, lonely or low and it is not through any choice of their own. Restrictions and changes to normality have prevented many from doing things they would usually enjoy, resulting in a downward spiral of their physical, mental health and wellbeing.

Our staying alive campaign has and continues to make a difference, with our care workers going the extra mile to keep our clients enthused and engaged. At a time when family and friends are unable to visit, our caring team are doing all they can to maintain healthy relationships and to ensure no individual is left to feel alone and isolated. We understand that our carers, can be the only person that our clients meet on a daily basis, therefore it is paramount that we build a trusting bond extremely important for their mental wellbeing and to ease these feelings.  We also actively encourage our clients to stay in touch with their friends and family – by phone, messaging, video calls or social media in conjunction with eating well-balanced meals, drinking enough water and exercising regularly to maintain optimal physical and mental health.

Our campaign is already producing some incredible results, with end-users feeling a real sense of companionship, reenergized and a new sense of worth & vitality produced through regular conversation.

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