November Care Home review scores

Eleanor Healthcare Group

We are very pleased to share that Conewood Manor, Roselands and Hartley House have achieved high review scores in November 2021!

We strive hard to achieve excellent results, and during challenging times of the pandemic as well as winter and flu season, our teams are constantly going above and beyond for their residents.

The scores are based and calculated by the submissions from family, friends and/or the residents themselves on carehome.co.uk.

Conewood Manor based in Bishop’s Stortford has achieved the highest score of 10! 

The latest review on Conewood’s profile is:

“The home is well managed, clean along with exceptional staff that really demonstrate that they care for the residents under their care. They are very helpful if you have a problem and will resolve it. They treat the residents and the visitors that attend with dignity and respect. I really can not fault any of them. They looked after my mother all the way to end of life and my heart thanks go out to them all”.

To view the full profile, click here.

Roselands, based in Rye has achieved a high score of 9.8 this month!

The latest review on Roseland’s profile is:

Mum spent the last three years of her life at Roselands. She couldn’t have been in a nicer place. She often complained that she was getting fat because the food was so good, and she loved the view from her window over the garden and across the hills. In one of our last conversations, she remarked how the branches looked like a lacy doily against the blue sky; she always did have a way with words. Grateful thanks to Roseland’s wonderful manager and her staff, Mum called them her boys and girls and she loved them all. Sadly, she passed away at the end of September at the grand old age of 96, but I know she was cared for until the end”.

To view the full profile, click here.

Hartley House, based in Cranbrook, Kent has also achieved a high score of 9.6!

The latest review on Hartley’s profile is:

“I have been so impressed with the patience, care and compassion showed by all the staff – to my father, to me and to all the other residents. They may have 50 or more to look after, but it feels that they take time to know and care for each one. Dealing with some of the characteristics of dementia is tough, demanding work and this Hartley team deal with them all – with a gentle strength and a warm heart. Most important of all, I feel that my father is in the best possible place to live out his days with dignity and contentment. Thank you. All of you”.

To view the full profile, click here.

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