Our Roselands Residential home achieves a 5* food hygiene rating

Mickel Williams-Brown

Working tirelessly over the year to elevate themselves to the standard required to achieve the coveted 5-star food hygiene rating, our Roselands catering team has managed to do just that.

With no previous environmental health inspection report to work from, the team was left to their own devices and expertise in light of the guidance they sought.  Working proactively, the team put in place stringent processes and procedures, keeping themselves apace with food hygiene standards and organised by ensuring records were accurate and filed appropriately – ready for an unannounced inspection.

Staff training was also a key success factor, ensuring all standards were in line with the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP), alongside all duty managers having a strong understanding of the systems, where to find items and ensuring all necessary documentation was available – as it should never be locked away. Kitchen staff would also engage in a regular deep cleaning schedule, ensuring any accumulation of dirt hidden away in hard to reach areas were cleaned properly and maintained the highest standards of hygiene.

Achieving the 5-star rating, the team demonstrated excellence in the following categories:

  • The handling of food
  • Storing food and utensils
  • The preparation of food
  • The cleanliness of facilities
  • How food safety is managed


A huge congratulations to our Roseland team on this fantastic achievement, keep up the good work!

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