Recognition for Cecilia Abena Amegadzie (Bexley) at Eleanor Cares Awards 2021

Hanh Nguyen

Organised by Eleanor Healthcare Group, the Eleanor Cares Awards 2021 has been designed to recognise team members who have gone above and beyond the course of duty in their daily work, specifically in relation to COVID-19 and the additional challenges they faced.

A member of our Bexley team, Cecilia was nominated for the award by a Next of Kin of Ms. Joan Shove, a lady we are looking after. As part of the nomination, she said, “Cecilia Abena Amegadzie is a very ‘special lady’. She always goes over and above. She encourages Mum to regularly eat and drink. She keeps the house clean and tidy. As mum has a very delicate tummy, she ensures that there are no ‘out of date’ items in the fridge that might be mistakenly given to her. Throughout the lockdown, she has not just been Mum’s rock but has also given me peace of mind knowing that she will always look out for Mum. I miss her when she is not on duty. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR CARERS.”

Cecilia Abena Amegadzie (Bexley)

Amazing! Well done Cecilia! You have made a huge change to the life of this service user.

Watch the full ceremony video HERE.


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