Please read some of the detailed and fantastic reviews we have received through Carehome.co.uk, emails and thank you cards.

I. Care homes reviews:

Reviews have been left by family members, relatives, service users and residents of our homes

June, 2021

“We are so grateful for all the care you have provided for our dad. You all do an amazing job and we honestly can’t tell you enough how much we have appreciated you all. Thank you!” – Patrick’s family members in Langton Way 

May, 2021

“To All at Bluebell, 

We would like to thank you for taking such good care of our Mum, Irene S. She was so happy at Bluebell and always told us how well everyone treated her, not just on the care side but socially too. It was also very reassuring from our point of view knowing that our Mum was in such safe hands. Mum always told us how lovely the food was at Bluebell and often commented that it was like a 1st class hotel. Thank you! 

All the Scott Family”

April, 2021

The “Eleanor Cares Awards” was held on 27th April 2021 that has been designed to recognise team members who have gone above and beyond the course of duty in their daily work, specifically in relation to COVID-19 and the additional challenges they faced.

To watch the ceremony CLICK HERE. 

April, 2021

“To All the carers at Langton Way,

Thank you for your help and support over the last couple of months with transition to my new flat 

From Frederick I. & Family”

April, 2021

“To All the Langton Way gang, 

Thank you all for looking after Mum so well. Special thanks to Doctor Tee and Jane for being so helpful and helping with all the problems!! 

Much love and thanks,

Sue & Jeanie” 

March, 2021 

“To Joanna and your staff, 

Thank you for your care and consideration shown to mum during her brief time with you. We really appreciated the kindness shown to us as well, you really went above and beyond and made a really difficult time more bearable. 

Best wishes, 

Katy W.”

March, 2021 

“To all at Bluebell heartfelt,

Thanks for all your hard work and the sacrifices you have made throughout this difficult time for the love and care of all your residents, especially for Betty G. our Mum. 

Love from Betty and all the family xx”

March, 2021

“Hi Matthew,

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all of your nursing and care staff for the fantastic care and compassion during mums stay at Bluebell. 

As you can appreciate, the last year or so has been a difficult time for us, especially with the issues during the lockdowns. But we were always confident that the continued care and the communication from your care and nursing staff always made us feel that mum was in good hands. 

Should you feel that in the future you may need any feedback or testimonies as to the excellent standards at Bluebell, we would be happy to provide our support. 

Once again, please extend our thanks to your staff, for everything that they did for mum during her stay at Bluebell. 

Kind regards,

Martin W.”

March, 2021

“To Paula & staff, 

Thank you for all the care and kindness you showed to my mum. The time she spent at Hartley House she seemed really happy & well cared for. 


Nikki & family”

March, 2021

“Dear Paula and staff, 

Just a few lines to say a huge thank you for the kindness and care that you gave to my sister Esme P. during her time with you. 

I know going in a Care Home was not what Esme wanted but it had to be and I know once she was settled she was as happy as she could have been.”

March, 2021

“Dear Paula and her amazing team, 

A huge thank you from us for making Joy’s last years safe and happy. We really appreciate all your efforts. 

Thank you again! 

From Stephen & Serene”

March, 2021 

“Dear Paula and team, 

Thank you so much for looking after Dad. He considered Hartley House to be his home and he felt safe and happy here. This was entirely down to all of you. 

I hope that you are all safe and well.”

March, 2021

“To Paula and all staff at Hartley House,

Thank you so much for all you did for Audrey! 


Lynn and Bryan”

March, 2021

“Here’s a little taste of Scotland to say thank you for looking after me. I know I wasn’t always easy! 

Lots of Love

Margaret & Family”

March, 2021

“We found Roselands to be a well caring and supportive residential home to both the residents and family members. Everyone involved; carers, management, housekeeping and not forgetting the chefs are fantastic! They have kept us well informed and the residents safe throughout recent times.” – E A (Relative of Resident)

March, 2021

“Mum is very well cared for at Roselands, always looks neat and tidy when we visit. Nice room, good food, staff are kind and friendly and have been great at the moment with Covid keeping everyone safe. Would highly recommend it.” – Bridget T. (Daughter of Resident)

March, 2021

“Mum went into the home during lockdown, by liaising with staff I was kept up to date with mum’s health which was really important to me. Nothing is too much trouble, I have only been as far as the dining area however from what I have seen, I’m positive the rest of the home is to a high standard. If there is an issue I know it’s sorted as soon as possible.” – Shelly C. (Daughter of Resident)

March, 2021

“I am so grateful my mother is at Roselands, she suffers from dementia and is 93 years old. She is very well cared for and the manager and staff are wonderful. The communication and updates are regular and the new WhatsApp initiative is excellent, with photos and regular activities shown. My mother is happy and feels at home in the beautiful setting that Roselands has. I feel at ease knowing that my mother resides in this wonderful care home.” – Jill M (Daughter of Resident)

February, 2021

“To Bluebell,

Thank you all so much for the care and support you gave to our mother and to us, her family. 

You gave her a wonderful home for the last years and we are so grateful. We hope you enjoy the chocolates and take pleasure in the ‘Angela’ rose as a reminder of her. 

With love from Elizabeth, James, Catherine and all her family xxx”

February, 2021

“Dear Matt and team, 

Thank you so much for being there yesterday. Seeing you outside paying your respects to your Jimmy broke my heart, you all did him so proud. 

You were all truly another part of his family and words will never be enough to tell you how thankful we are to you all. 

Take care and see you soon. 

With love,


February, 2021

“I know processes and procedures are an essential part of a care home and rightly so. But what really makes a care home is the people who provide the care for the residents. When a young carer puts her head round the door and says, “Hi Handsome” and to see the huge grin light up a 98 year old – priceless. 

Roselands provided comfort and security for my parents, as well as care with incredible kindness. I take comfort in knowing they were so well looked after in their time at Roselands. A big thank you to everyone involved with their care and the support given to us.” – Dudley P. (Son of Resident)

January, 2021


I just wanted to take a minute to pass on some positive feedback regarding Tee. There is a challenging situation at Langton way involving a service users and their registration with a GP – Tee has taken considerable time to call and chase relevant teams to make sure this client gets the medical care she needs. I am sure he is just doing his job but I really feel he has gone above and beyond to make sure the client is safe.

Thanks!” – James Drake (Homecare Commissioner, Health and Adult Services, Royal Borough of Greenwich)

January, 2021

“Dear Joe & Matt, 

Just a note to thank you so much for all the wonderful care and attention you gave to Winnie B. You must be very proud of all your staff who taken so much care of her and showed such friendship to us especially during her final days. Will be in touch at a later date. 

Your most sincerely, 

Everlyn & Bog”

January, 2021

“Dear Matt, Jo and all the staff at Bluebell, I would like to thank you all for your professionalism and loving care in looking after my mum Doris P. for the last 27 months. You have always made me, my family and friends so welcome. I have a lot of fond memories of mum in Bluebell ranging from Elvis to the lovely parties you held. It will be strange not coming in anymore, but hopefully when Covid is over, I will be able to pop in. 

Once again, I am so grateful for making the last few difficult years as comfortable and supportive as possible for us. 

Regards from Juaithi xx”

January, 2021

“Dear Paula, 

I am writing on behalf of myself and all of Rosa B.’s family, to thank you and all the staff at Hartley House for the care that you gave Rosa during her stay with you. 

Sue W., the attorney before me, went to a lot of trouble to find a home for Rosa that was appropriate and would provide the best quality of care. I knew she was very pleased with her choice and Sue, I think it is fair to say, was not someone who was easily pleased. 

For myself, I was always impressed by the care that you gave Rosa. It was clear to me that she was well looked after and happy. I often witnessed how she would make eye contact and smile whenever a member of staff attended to her. It was pleasing to see. 

I feel sure you are all going through a very difficult time dealing with the physical and emotional pressures that the virus has brought. I hope that soon life will be a little easier for you. 

Thank you, again, for all that you have done for Rosa and continue to do for all those that are in  your care. 

Kind regards,


January, 2021

“To all the Team at Hartley House, 

I wanted to say thank you to all of the Hartley House staff for your help and support whilst I have been working in the Home recently. 

I have observed excellent, individualised patient centred care for your residents whilst working under very challenging circumstances. All staff have demonstrated care, compassion and kindness for residents, relatives and each other. I would in particular like to highlight Kerry, Claire, Laura, James, Daisy and Gabriella who have “gone the extra mile” to assist me in my role at Hartley and ultimately ensure that the residents received appropriate, effective, quality care. 

You are a great team! 

Thank you,

Best wishes, 

Lisa K. (Complex Care/ Frailty Nurse, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust) 

January, 2021

“Hi Paula, 

I did want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff at Hartley House for everything you did for my Dad while he was with you. He wasn’t happy I’m his prior home as I think you know but he was looked after so well by all of you after he moved and he really loved his time there. 

We couldn’t have found a better home for him and he couldn’t have been looked after any better. I’ve told everyone this and truly believe it. Thank you all so much again.



January, 2021

“Thank you for all you do, especially during these difficult times, looking after the Residents. 

From Jean D.’s daughters”

January, 2021

“To Paula, 

Where do I begin! Thank you so much for being there at such a difficult time. Thank you for the teas, the chats and the love and care you have shown to us.


December, 2020

“Good morning, 

My name is Sarah C. and I am Complex Care Nurse working for Kent Community Health Care Trust. 

I was redeployed from my usual area of work of spend some time supporting your care staff/residents along side my colleague Lisa K. during the current out break of Covid-19 at Hartley House last week. 

Over the two days I was there Lisa and I witnessed your team of carers and agency staff provide the most amazing care in such a difficult and devastating time, the family members I interacted with whist there could not speak more highly of your team. 

Clare the team lead, leads by example, the team lean on her heavily and she steps up with an in-depth knowledge about the clients and directs the staff accordingly with confidence. She is working above and beyond to support the clients and staff and I wanted to congratulate her on doing such a great job in such a difficult time… keep up the good work Clare. 

Daisy was also another person I wanted to let you know is an outstanding member of your team. She is confident, caring and compassionate with the patienes. She has fantastic communication skills and was very efficient when she supported us for the day during our visit, definitely a Nurse in the making, well done Daisy and good luck with your NVQ. 

Keep up the fantastic work and you are all doing a great job! 

Kind regards,

Sarah C. and Lisa K. (Complex Care/ Frailty Nurse, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust) 

Please read some of the detailed and fantastic reviews we have received through Homecare.co.uk, emails and thank you cards.

II. Home care reviews:

Reviews have been left by the next of kins and service users

June, 2021

“Thank you all so much for the care you gave to our dad Ronnie S. in the last few weeks of his life. Hope you know just how much I appreciate all you’ve done.

We will be forever grateful for this!” – Ronnie’s family members in Northumberland branch

April, 2021

“My mother has been cared for by Carers and support workers from Eleanor Care, namely Catrina and Estelle. I am writing this short note to let you know how grateful I am for the support the named persons and other carers have been giving my Mummy. 

They take a very holistic approach to the care and they keep me in the loop at all times regarding Mummy’s needs. Catrina is always available to provide that much needed level of care especially relating to District nurses and social services as and when. She works closes with myself and the carers and always take on board suggestions and comments to make Mummy as comfortable as possible. Even though Mummy can be challenging at times Estelle still maintain professionalism and always show a tremendous level of care. 

Please feel free to contact me if you need any feedback regarding these members of staff.” – Yasmin (Daughter of a Service User in Lewisham branch)

April, 2021

“Dear Nicola & all the carers, 

Just a few words to thank you and all your team for all your help and care since I came out of hospital. I shall remember you all fondly. 

Much love to you all.” – Bynl J. (A Service User in Portsmouth branch)

April 2021

“I fell 6 stories off a building and broke everything except for left arm and had bleeding on the brain. And every day I thank God for being referred to you as a client. Your staff are professional, VERY caring, fun and i consider them my sisters! Sabrina, Linda, Susie & Sekinat. In particular are such BEAUTIFUL human beings! They understand me and support my needs cheerfully and friendly. 

I’m in a wheelchair and can’t walk BUT I DO walk with my frame a little and I can stand for 8 minutes! A huge improvement. I received a letter from kings college hospital about doing surgery on my ankles so i can stand and learn how to walk again but they may NOT do it because my walking and standing has improved SO MUCH so I’ll have 4 months of extensive rehab in stead. This is down to the love, care and support from my carers. I have gained confidence in doing tasks thanks to my carers support and encouragement. 

Its like having extended family with my carers. I feel comfortable with them and truly safe and supported. I also feel like the staff in the office are VERY helpful. I can call and will ALWAYS be helped and supported.

From the bottom of my heart, i want to THANK YOU SO MUCH XX YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL TO ME. I couldn’t have gotten better so well and so quickly without your loving help. It’s NOT just a job for my carers it means MUCH more to them. Jade and Fartun are young carers and they do so well as well. Thank you too.” – Natasha (A Service User in the Lewisham branch)

January 2021


I just wanted to take a minute to pass on some positive feedback regarding Tee. There is a challenging situation at Langton way involving a service users and their registration with a GP – Tee has taken considerable time to call and chase relevant teams to make sure this client gets the medical care she needs. I am sure he is just doing his job but I really feel he has gone above and beyond to make sure the client is safe.


James D. (Homecare Commissioner, Health and Adult Services, Royal Borough of Greenwich)”

III. Staff reviews:

Reviews have been left by staff on Indeed, Google Reviews

June, 2021 

“I have only been with the company nearly a month. The office staff can’t do enough for you. They are so understanding and very approachable and will help you with anything. The clients and staff are all lovely.They are so flexible with what hours you can do. I’m so pleased I have joined the company. They also give you a chance to progress if you want to.” – Care Assistant, Northumberland

March, 2021

“I have worked for the company for 9 years, I work in Poole Branch as a coordinator and work with a great team of people, I love my job and what I do.” – Care Coordinator, Poole 


“Absolutely love my job, office staff are fantastic and easy to talk to with any problems I have. Lovely clients and colleagues. So pleased I made this choice. Very flexible hours that suits my family life and extra hours if needed.” – Carer, Northumberland branch

November, 2020

“Eleanor Healthcare Group offered an easy method for their interviews [zoom interview], very direct and detailed information were given, training was booked and application were through in few days.The company is well established care company, supporting and very informative with the necessary information needed.” – Recruiter, Head Office 

November, 2020

“Everyone is welcoming, the team is always there to support. I came without experience and gained a lot experience working in this field. I highly will recommend this company.” – Carer, London

November, 2020

“Been working with the Eleanor Team since September 2018 as a Recruitment Officer. Working with Eleanor Care has given an immense experience and great team to work with. Supporting the community is our goal and that’s what we are best at.” – Recruitment Officer, Hounslow branch

November, 2020

“I had a privilege to work with Eleanor care team. All the team involved are very supportive, healthy team environment to work with and very inclusive despite of your ethnicity.” – Carer, Boscombe branch

September, 2020

“I have worked with this company for a month. They have been really welcoming and lots of training given, absolutely love working here. Brilliant clients and carers.Management are really flexible and cater for my needs, needing a day off etc. Couldn’t fault the company at all.” – Carer, Northumberland

August, 2020

“I have worked with this company for a month. They have been really welcoming and lots of training given, absolutely love working here. Brilliant clients and carers.Management are really flexible and cater for my needs, needing a day off etc. Couldn’t fault the company at all.” – Care Assistant, Northumberland branch

February, 2020

“Bluebell care home is a great place to work everyone was friendly and it was a great atmosphere and every day was different than management was fine you could always go and talk to them if you a problem.” – Care Assistant, Bluebell Nursing Home

November, 2019

“Eleanor is a nice place to work with. The manager is very nice , the administration staff. They provide training, holiday paid and provide everything for Carers.” – Carer, London 

September, 2019

“I started with Eleanor Care 8 years ago now as a carer, working evenings after I had my baby. I learnt Being a carer is the most rewarding job you can do, which gives you the “Job satisfaction”. You really do feel at the end of your shift you have made a difference and that is a great feeling.When my little one at the time started Nursery Eleanor allowed me to change my availability to working days as well as some evenings. The support I have received in my time with Eleanor Care has been Out standing! and the progression I have been offered has been Amazing!Since starting as a carer I have progressed to the position as a Field Care Supervisor, then to a Recruitment and Retention Officer. All the time learning new skills which I would never have learnt if it was not for Eleanor Care. Then this year I was given the opportunity and responsibility to be part of the project Team in setting up and launching our New Branch in Boscombe. Now 8 Years on I am the Branch Manager for our Branch in Boscombe.I owe so much to Eleanor Care for the opportunities they have given me along with the amazing on going support I have received from day one!One thing that really stands out for me, is that Eleanor Care really do Value their Employees and especially their Carers. We are very lucky that our CEO recognised this and ensures this is rewarded. Even by arranging get together / BBQ’s and nights out and every year the best Christmas Party ever!” – Branch Manager, Bournemouth