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In Eleanor’s continual plight to work with and explore opportunities with the department of international trade, it was a pleasure to meet with the Thailand Board of Investment team to explore their services and discuss Eleanor’s plans for the SE Asia market Including the support and incentives that the Thai government can offer our company. The ASEAN Economic Community is a market of 600 million consumers with a combined GDP of more than 2 trillion USD and we welcome continual discussions to support Thailand in the development of their health and social care platform and introduce our operating systems, solutions and expertise to this wonderful country.

Sri Lanka Development

Great to spend time in Sri Lanka last year meeting at Jaffna Teaching Hospital and again with our incredible systems team. Very proud of the work we are doing together and in bringing our hospital software and solutions to this beautiful country. Whilst every hospital and every country will have their own hospital system & solution preferences, the latest Sri Lankan offering is another great example of designing a beautiful modular hospitals system and solution that fits our customer’s needs.

Well done guys!

Eleanor Hospital Logistics Team
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