The Care Workers’ Charity

Eleanor Healthcare Group

Mental health and well-being is extremely important day-to-day and during the current circumstances in Winter and the pandemic we need to be more aware, understanding, and supportive. Working in the health and social care sector and being in the front line, has not been an easy time for every one of you.
We want to support our staff as much as we can. One support is The Care Workers’ Charity, which provides free resources and financial support:

Crisis grants
One-off payment to support someone experiencing an unforeseen or life-changing circumstance, such as bereavement, illness or injury and who has no resources to meet associated costs which could include funeral expenses, moving home, travel to hospital expenses, home repairs etc.
The charity provides crisis grants to people who have worked in a paid role in the UK’s care sector and are involved in or support the provision of care. This includes people who have been involved in residential social care, home care, supported living care or day care.
This also includes office staff if you earn a similar wage to carers – it’s not essentially means-tested but if you are financially struggling, the charity will support you.

Mental Health Support
The charity has now launched its Mental Health Support Programme which will be able to offer care workers struggling with mental health free treatment with qualified therapists.
The charity also provides advice and resources to support you through your struggles. Visit the website below to apply, speak to someone or find out more information.

Visit the Care Workers’ Charity website here.